Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Eleven

A void of black surounded Mia as she slept, wich was hard enough to do.
The new evil proved to be powerful, worst of all it was after her.
Mia had been having trouble sleeping ever since she had seen that pale blood
come from Anubis, then he had fallen to the ground.
She wiped away a tear she hadn't known was there, she hadn't even realised
she was awake. Mia hated being the target of the dynasty, espeacially since
felt so helples about fighting.
What could she do, she had no armor or weapons. Anubis had protected her,
when it mean't giving up his own life. Mia shook her head, she had to have
more faith in Anubis than that. Gaitin had only said Anubis had fallen
into the Time warp, that didn't mean he was dead.
More tears trickled down her delicate cheeks as she looked up at the moon,
wishing to once more be able to feel Anubis' arms wrap around her.
They had never showed their true feelings in public, wich was for the
better. The Ronins were oblivious about Mia's feelings towards Anubis.
Mia couldn't sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, that same horrible
nightmare came into her vision. Only this time it was a nightmare, it was
real life.
Anubis really did get hurt, because of her.


Dais leaned up against a wall, scowling. He wasn't sure how much longer he
could obey this new master of the dynasty, as well as keep a secret.
For some reason, Gaitin had somehow gotten fond of him, intrusting him
as the new Warlord Leader. Besides that, Gaitin had told him of what had
happened to Anubis. Gaitin had told him that Anubis was still alive, but
he was in another part of the nether realm.
He said that he wanted Dais to go on into the Warp after him.
As if that wasn't enough, Dais had been given an order.
Kill Anubis or Be killed.