Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twelve

Gaitin sat in a chair, much identical to the one Talpa had,the evil man
smiled and took a sip of his wine.
"So, even after all these years, your still Alive? I must admit,
I never thought you would survive, but for a mortal? Tsk Tsk Anubis, I
you had more common sense than that" Gaitin's smile faded into a frown as he
threw his wine glass against the dynasty wall, watching as the glass broke
into a thousand peices. "I will dystroy you Anubis, even if I have to kill
myself to do it"


Mia ran through the woods as fast as her legs could, not looking back.
If she did, she knew she would have to turn back. The pain and suffering
was too much for her to take, she had to do something about it.
What was she good for anyway? To get in the way of the ronins.
Mia had snuck out of the campsite, running as fast as she dared to get
"Where are you going?" A voice asked, making Mia freeze in her tracks.
She turned to find Dais, hanging from a tree in the shadows.
"What do you care, Dais?" Mia snapped, surprised.
No sign of humor was on either of the two's faces. "I don't, but I've been
given orders to take you to Gaitin"
"If you think I'm going to let you, you'v got another thing coming to you"
"I figured that much, but I didn't come to take you back" Dais disapeared
from the tree, reapearing on another.
Mia looked at him, both surprised and cautious. "Then what do you want?"
"I came to warn you" Dais frowned. "Stay away from the dynasty"
Mia's eyes widened as images of her nightmares flashed through her head.
She looked around, but Dais was gone, the forest was quiet.
"Grandfather once told me that once you face your fears, they will go away"
looked up at the full moon once again. The moon was right above Gaitin's
castle, a castle that screamed bloody murder when you looked at it.
"Then I've got to face Gaitin"