Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Thirteen

Mia crept through the dark castle, still unaware how she had managed
to get this far.
She gripped the spear harder as she heard music being played, wich made the
already haunting castle almost unbearable.
The walls were decorated with various fighting tools, all of wich looked
to be very heavy.
Mia knew she stood no chance against Gaitin, but she kept climbing the
A figure stepped out infront of her, startling Mia.
"What are you doing here?" Dais asked coldly.
Mia regained her composure and glared. "I am tired of sitting around while
he dystroys everyone I love"
"Your being foolish, the only thing you are going to acomplish is death"
gritted his teeth.
"If I must die, then Gaitin will die also" Mia pushed Dais out of the way
and continued up the steps, only to have him step in her way once more.
"You'll never kill him"
Mia looked up at Dais. "Why would you even care about my fate?"
"You want to save Anubis, ne? Well killing yourself is not going to help"
"Standing around won't either"
"If you go in there now you'll lose everything"
"I've already lost everything"
"Your alive"
"Am I?"
"What do you mean, your standing there aren't you?"
"Why live if I have to live with this pain and sorrow"
Dais did not reply, instead he closed his eyes. "It's too late now, Mia"
"What do you mean?" Mia asked.
Dais looked at her. "Gaiten has brought back Anubis"
"What? Why?!" Mia glanced up the stairs, but was unable to see anything.
"So he can kill him. When Anubis went into the warp there was no reasurring
that he was dead, so now Gaitin wants that reasurance"
Mia pushed Dais out of the way and began to run up the stairs once more.
"Mia, stop!" Dais yelled. "You can't go up there, you'll be killed in the
Mia continued to run. "I don't care"
Dais didn't know why, but he knew he must protect this girl, for Anubis.
He spotted Sekhmet coming out one of the dynasty dungeons and yelled to him.
"Seize her!" At this Sekhmet grabbed Mia, whom was running right by him.
Mia struggled. "Let me go, Sekhmet!" Not waiting for an answer, Mia
struck the unaware Sekhmet in the leg with her spear, tripping him.
With that, she continued up the steps and made it to the main room, before
anyone could stop her.