Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Fourteen


Mia was shocked to find what she saw when she reached the top of the stairs.
Anubis and Gaitin were fighting, he was alive! Gaitin didn't notice her at
first, but Anubis did.
The battle raged on, they both proved to be very skilled.
Anubis would manage to hit Gaitin, but then Gaitin would hit him just as
Dais had followed Mia up the steps, and grabbed her arm.
"Mia, we've got to get out of her, the castle is falling apart!"
Mia looked over at Anubis sadly. "But what about Anubis?!"
"He'll be alright, now run!" He stopped before running himself, to look at
his long time friend. "Be careful"


Mia stil wasn't sure why Dais was helping her, but she didn't question it.
It had to be because of Anubis, there wasn't any other explination.
As the two ran out of the castle, the towers began to start falling.
Mia and the 2 warlords could only watch, as the dynasty castle fell to
A gold light floated in the sky, as it landed, the light went away and
Anubis stood there.
"Anubis!" Mia smiled, more than glad he was okay.
He returned the smile, something he didn't do enough. "Mia, your all right"
Mia nodded, too happy to speak, instead she walked over to him.
Something was wrong, something wasn't quite right. Anubis' smile faded, but
he stood perfectly still.
A sinister laugh came from behind him. "You didn't think you would win, did
you Anubis?"
Mia recongnized it as Gaitin, but was confused.
Anubis fell to the ground infront of Mia, but remained breathing.
An anything but fair shot to his back with Gaitin's sword proved to be
the answer.
"I believe I underestimated you, you survived a lot longer than I
Gaitin smirked, but he wasn't expecting the answer he received.
"I won't die until I see you banished to the other realm" With that, Anubis
drifted off to unconscienceness.