Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Fifteen

Things were looking grim, grim indeed.
Mia sat in a chair that was next to the bed Anubis layed
in, unconscience.
"Why does Gaitin keep trying to kill Anubis? I don't get
it" Mia sighed softly.
"Because Gaitin is after you" a voice said, making Mia
turn in surprise.
A transparent image of the ancient stood in the middle
of the floor, he seemed to almost smile.
"Ancient?" Mia stuttered.
"Gaitin is after you, Mia, but he will never be able to
hurt you as long as Anubis is alive. Anubis will never
allow him to come near you, and Gaitin knows that" The
ancient looked over at Anubis' body.
"But everytime he protects me, he gets hurt" Mia frowned.
"As long as your love for Anubis stays strong, he'll
always be here" The ancient whispered before disapearing.
Mia looked back at Anubis. "How come we can never be

Mia slept in the chair beside the bed that night.
Anubis awoke the next day, sitting up quietly.
A smile found it's way on his face when he saw Mia.
In his eyes, she was more beautiful that anyone he
had ever seen.
Mia eyes opened, yet she seemed surprised when she found
Anubis up. "You should be laying down"
"I'm fine now, there is no need to worry" He took his
staff from the corner of the room.
"Anubis?" Mia asked, standing behind him. "Why do you
put yourself in danger to protect me?"
Anubis' heart lept, he turned around and looked at the
young woman, it was hard for him to express any feelings.
He gently kissed her lips, something he had been waiting
to do for a long time.
"Because I love you, Mia"