Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Sixteen


His actions surprised both Mia and Himself, but Mia smiled.
"I had hoped you would say that" She hoped she wouldn't get teary eyed. "I
you too"
As if it was a sudden urge for both of them, their lips met again.
For the first time in 6 months, they were finnaly together.
They had been threw too much to name, to many hardships.
First with the ronins,Cale,the new dynasty, and now they were finnaly
to be alone.



"I can't believe you tried to kill him!" Tenko crossed her arms, while her
two of her
servants stood behind her. "After I told you not to"
Gaitin sighed in exasperation. "It's not all my fault, it's that girl"
Tenko stopped suddenly, her red eyes widening. "Girl? You never spoke
of a girl"
Gaitin suddenly saw his mistake. "Did I say girl? I meant...uhh..."
Tenko pounded her fist on black table, making it turn into glass, a picture
of Mia's house appeared. After a few minutes a picture of Mia typing on her
computer appeared.
"Who is she?!" Tenko screamed. "This was not in the plans, Gaitin!"
Gaitin gulped. "I can get rid of her"
"You had better, or I'll get rid of you!" Tenko glared at the image of Mia.
One of Tenko's servants cleared her throut. "Perhaps, mistress, you should
find out more about this girl"
Tenko thought about this for a moment. "Perhaps I should. Gaitin, what do
know about this girl?"
"Her name is Mia and Anubis has protected her numerous times" Gaitin
Tenko's reaction was not going to be good.
The young leader of the dynasty became more angry, and pounded her fist
down on the glass again, making it crack. "WHO IS SHE?!"
The glass' raspy voice answered wearily. "Mia Koji"
"Mia Koji, huh? I think I have a problem with my plans now" Tenko smiled. "I
want to know more about this Mia Koji, Gaitin!"
Gaitin bowed. "Yes?"
"Find out everything about Mia Koji, but be discrete, don't let anyone see
Gaitin nodded and disapeared, leaving Tenko smiling evily.
"It's only a matter of days until we meet again, Anubis"