Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Eighteen


Gaitin sat back in his chair, thinking about Tenko.
She was younger than anyone else in the dynasty, 205 years, with a phsyical
appearance of about 16 or 17.
The only grand daughter of Talpa, whom had a short temper and an impatient
mind, yet had more power than him and all the warlords combined.
He still didn't get this whole Anubis business, but whatever Tenko
wanted, Tenko got.
Tenko sometimes acted childish, but could be more serious than Talpa.

"Dais, do you enjoy living and fighting for the dynasty?" Tenko sloshed the
liquid in her cup around, not looking at the warlord whom stood infront of
"Yes, Mistress"
Tenko took a sip of the liquid. "Then why, do you insist on disobeying me?"
"I'm not sure I understand" Dais hoped she wasn't getting at what he thought
she was getting at.
"I'm talking about Mia Koji, why did you save her? Does she have some
value to you, do you have feelings towards the girl?" Tenko sat her empty
cup down.
Dais had wished she hadn't known about that, but he had to tell her the
truth. "Mistress, I don't know why I saved her. Anubis cares about her, so
as his friend I must help him protect her"
Tenko's red eyes grew brighter. "Even if it means turning on the dynasty?"
Dais nodded.
"GAITIN!" Tenko screamed, as Gaitin appeared.
"Yes, Mistress?"
"To the dungeon with this traitor!"
Gaitin bowed and disapeared with Dais, leaving Tenko to think.
"Have I really gone so far as to have a warlord turn on me? Of course
that happened to you too, didn't it grandfather?"
Tenko picked up the cup, wich had somehow refilled. "Tomorrow, Anubis"
A wicked laugh escaped her lips as she sipped her drink. "Tomorrow"