Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Nineteen


"I'm telling you this, as an ally" Sekhmet told Anubis, while looking over
shoulder. "I shouldn't even be talking to you, but Dais insisted I come"
Anubis stood still and listened.
"Tenko is in the dynasty, and she's coming here" Sekhmet whispered.
Anubis nodded, he couldn't speak, his throut felt dry.
Sekhmet nodded too before he dispeared back to the dynasty.
Anubis shook his head, Tenko was too much.

"Today is the day" Tenko smiled happily. "Everything is going great"
Gaitin pushed open the door a crack before entering. "Mistress, I have bad
Tenko spun around. "I don't like bad news"
"The dynasty soldiers, didn't kill Mia" It took him awhile to say it all.
"WHAT?!" Her screams made the dynasty shake. "If you want something done
right, you have to do it yourself" Tenko smashed her hand on the worn out
table, making Eanie appear beside it.
"Oops, I forgot your the annoying one that rymes all the time" Tenko smashed
her hand again, making Eanie dispear and a girl that looked no older than
10 appeared.
"Yes, Mistress?" The young girl bowed in respect, the evil smile she wore
on her face seemed to never leave.
"Jauncy, Desperate times call for desperate measure, don't you agree?" Tenko
sat in her chair.
Jauncy nodded in agreement.
"Apparently, this Mia Koji, is still alive. I want her dead" Tenko smiled.
Jauncy bowed again. "I shall kill the girl for you"
"Very nice, it's a good thing I didn't forget you were still here" Tenko
smiled wickedly. "Just don't kill Anubis"
"As your wish, Mistress" Jauncy disapeared.
Gaitin came infront of Tenko, skeptical. "Mistress, are you sure we can
on a little girl?"
"Jauncy was trained by the nether spirits after all" Tenko laugh, her laugh
shot through every corner of the dynasty, it wasn't a comforting one.


Anubis and Mia walked silently through the woods, enjoying each others
company. Anubis could tell something was wrong, but didn't want to alarm
A sound alerted them both. It was the sound of a young girl, crying.
She wasn't too far away, because about 10 feet away they saw her
sitting on the leafed ground, her hands covering her eyes as she wept.
"Who is that?" Mia asked Anubis, but he only shook his head.
The girl wasn't whole, she was transparent, like a ghost.
"What's wrong?" Mia asked. "Who are you?"
The girl stood up silently, not another sound until she spoke. Her voice
sounded almost like a song, a beautiful one at that. "My name is Jauncy"