Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty

"Tenko banished my spirit to the mortal realm, so that she could get badamon
to take over my body" Tears ran down Jauncy's face. "Now she's going to make
my body do horrible thing, she wants to get you both"
Mia and Anubis looked at each other, this was more complicated than they
had imagined.
"Enough talk" A voice from behind them said. "I come for the one called Mia"
When they all turned their attention to the voice, they found Jauncy's body.
"Tenko has ordered me to take her back, this I must do" Jauncy's eyes glowed
Anubis stood infront of Mia, grasping his staff.
"I won't hurt you, orders were to take Mia, not Anubis" Jauncy took a step
foward. "Order I will follow, I take the one called Mia"
A light shone from Anubis' staff, making Jauncy cover her eyes and fall to
the ground on her knees.
Badamon shot up from the body, angrily. The spirit disapeared into her
body, but made the body transparent. "Thank you for saving me"
To Mia and Anubis, this just got more confusing.
Gaitin appeared. "Enough of this, I knew we couldn't rely on a nether
Badamon disapeared, angrily grumbling about something.
Gaitin surounded the entire forest with a black mist, then grabbed Mia and
After making the mist disolve, Anubis looked around. "How could I have been
fooled so easily?!"


"I said kill her, not bring her here!" Tenko growled, as Gaitin held Mia
infront of her. "Oh well"
Mia struggled. "Who are you?"
"I'm Tenko, you mean Anubis has never spoken of me? It figures!" Tenko
her arms. "No matter, he'll remember me once he see's me"
"What are you talking about?" Mia asked, still struggling.
Tenko smirked. "I guess dumb Gaitin didn't tell you of the plans"
Gaitin rolled his eyes. "You didn't tell me to"
"SILENCE!" Tenko screamed. "If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you"
Gaitin sighed, Tenko could be a pain.
"Now then, I guess I'll have to explain things" Tenko smiled again.
Mia struggled once more before giving up. "Explain what?"
Tenko sat up in her chair, taking another sip of the stuff that was in
her cup. "Anubis and I are to be married"