Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-One


"Married?!" Mia first went into shock, but the came back to her senses.
you a little young to get married?"
It was Tenko's turn to be in shock. "WHAT?!"
"Aren't you a little young?" Mia asked skepticaly.
Tenko crossed her arms. "NO. I may only be 205 years old, but that doesn't
matter. You should be scared anyway, I could kill you at any moment!"
"I've been through too much to be scared of a child" Mia answered.
"I am not a child, I am 205 years old" Tenko surprisingly didn't lose her
Mia thought back to a few hours ago. "Who was that child?"
Tenko sat in her chair. "Child? Oh you must mean Jauncy. I don't really
like her name, it doesn't suit her killing characteristics"
"Who is she?" Mia asked, still struggling with Gaitin's grip.
Tenko leaned back. "You mean, you don't know?"
"If I knew, I wouldn't ask" Mia snapped.
Tenko shook her head. "Manners, Manners"
One of Tenko's servants bursted through the door. "Mistress, an intruder
is in the castle!"
Tenko's eyes grew larger. "But, we're not ready yet!"
"I know, Mistress, but he's on the 3rd floor and counting" The servant
"Oh great, what now?" Tenko stood up.
A voice from the doorway answered all questions. "Your going to let Mia go"
Tenko jumped when she heard his voice, Mia was supposed to be dead
before he came. "Oh, Anubis, how nice of you to drop by. But I really
have no intention of letting her go"
"Tenko, why are you doing this?" Anubis asked angrily.
Anger passed over Tenko's face. "Why am I doing this? Oh no, you've brought
this apon yourself, Anubis! I tried to make amens with you, you could have
avoided all of this, but did you? NO!"
A red mist began to seap out from Tenko, as the others sheilded their eyes.
"I begged you not, but you didn't listen. You had to take out your brilliant
plan to turn this mortal into a dynasty warrior. That plan backfired, didn't
it Anubis?! This girl has clowded your mind!"
The mist was everywhere, making everyone practicly blind.
"How could you forget everything you left behind?! You left me, Anubis!"
Anubis sheilded his eyes from the mist that was now becoming as thick as
"I left nothing behind but hatred and aversions!" Anubis called out, making
a small light come from his staff as he made his way towards where Gaitin
Before Gaitin could realise what that light was, he was down on the ground.
Anubis grabbed Mia's hand as they made their way towards the door, the
castle was erupting from Tenko's anger.
"I'll bring this whole castle down on us!" Tears ran down Tenko's face as
she fell to her knees
on the ground, her voice disolving to a whisper. "And you'll never leave me
alone, again"
As Mia and Anubis made it to the bridge, the castle calapsed, sending
rock and debree flying at them.
"Watch out Mia!" Anubis sheilded her as they ran as far as they could make
before they finnaly ran out of energy.
They had made it into the woods, safely.


The castle was dystroyed, but yet rain poured down onto the remains.
As darkness set in all over the land.
A bloody laugh, almost like a murmer, could hardly be heard from beneath
the rock.