Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Two


A young girl ran through the woods, laughing happily. Running over to a
young woman, she stopped, looking up at the woman. "Mommy, why are you sad?"
When no response came, the young girl silently tugged at the woman's plain
dress. She was comforted by a hand against her cheek. "Don't worry, my
Everything will be okay"
The girl laid her saddened face against her mother.
A scream escaped from the forest, making the girl grab ahold of her
mother's hand.
The scream came again a few moments later. A tear fell down the girl's face
she whimpered slightly.
"Don't worry, it will be gone soon" Was her mother's comforting reply.
The girl knew who is was, it was the voice of some of the small children
in the village.
Every day some armored men came from a castle to take away young children,
but nobody knew where they went, because no one saw them again.
The armored men came closer to where the girl and her mother lived every
day, but the mother and daughter could never leave.
The soldiers surrounded the entire valley.

Tenko slowly pushed off the medium sized boulder that had fallen on her.
Wiping away a blood stain from her face, she stood up.
"Talpa, this is all your doing, isn't it?" Tenko wobbly began to walk away
from the fallen castle. "You did this to me!"
She fell again, the exhaustion was too much.
Tenko could hear a crying voice in the woods, but pushed back the urge to
run and comfort the owner of the voice. If she did that, she would be
betraying the dynasty. "Don't cry" Tenko whispered as the wind
made her voice disapear. "It shows weakness, you must have determination"