Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Three


Dais woke from being unconscience, pushing of cements blocks and metal
off of him. The castle was dystroyed, that couldn't be good.
"Tenko has to be alive, she would be dystroyed that easily" He looked
Standing up, he made his way toward the woods, most likely the only
place he could go to rest and recover.


"Gaitin, take a note" Tenko sat down on a block of cement from her castle.
Gaitin looked at the remains. "What would that be?"
"Next time, find something less drastic to do with my anger" She sighed.
Gaitin looked shocked. "Next time? I thought you were giving up on him"
"I can't, what about-" Tenko cut herself off. "That doesn't concern you"
Standing up, she looked around. "Where's Eanie?"
Eanie appeared. "Yes, Mistress?"
"I'm going to get a migrain from this, but where did they go?" Tenko sat
back down.
"To the Koji house" Eanie bowed.
Gaitin smiled. "Hey, that didn't ryme"
"Shut up, Gaitin" Tenko stood up once more. "Rebuild my castle, would you?"
Eanie bowed again, and with a wave of her hand, the castle was once
again intact.
"Why couldn't you do that?" Gaitin asked, walking into the castle.
Tenko walked in as well. "I'm too tired, someone had better make sure my
bed is still in good condition!"

As the sun sat, and darkness once again overcame the land.
A childish laugh was heard from the woods.