Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Five

Mia sat in a chair,looking out the window at the falling snow.
The temperature was dropping rapidly, causing Mia's house to become cold.
"I've never been so cold" She wrapped her coat closer around her as chilling
thought, almost as chilling as the weather, entered her mind. The
ronins and Anubis were outside in this weather.
"Please be alright" She sighed.


"It's almost finished, I would give the mortal realm another hour to live"
starred out the window, trying to ignore the bitter cold that swept
all over the castle.
"Such a pity this beautiful land has to die" Her smile faded into
a hurtful frown. "I wish it didn't have to end like this, but you've
given me no choice"
Tenko turned her gaze away from the window, wich was now frosted over
with ice. "Lets see you save your preacious Mia now, Anubis"


"It is so cold!" Kento rubbed his hands together.
The ronins and Anubis stood on the volcano they found the revived
Ryo in, yet it was completly frozen over.
"This is the work of the dynasty" Anubis looked up at the pitch black
sky. "Tenko is freezing the mortal realm"
"Freezing it over?!" Was the response from the 5 ronin."What do we do
to unfreeze it?"
"Can't the wildfire armor melt the ice?" Ryo asked.
Anubis turned his eyes towards the dynasty castle. "You must go to the
source of the problem"
"You mean, defeat Tenko?" Rowen asked, the other ronins agreeing.
Anubis grasped his staff. "She won't be at the castle anymore, she's
gone to get Mia"