Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Six


Mia turned her head away from the window, the house was quiet.
"I guess Yuli managed to go to sleep" She sighed softly, standing up."I hope
he doesn't get sick from this cold"
"You should be more worried about yourself" I voice from the balcony spat.
Mia spun around to find Tenko, whom had somehow found a way to unlock
the balcony door.
"What are you doing here?" Mia took a step backwards.
"What's the matter Mia? Afraid now that Anubis isn't here" Tenko glared
"No matter, he'll be dead in half an hour"
Mia's eyes widened. "What do you mean, dead?"
"He'll be completly frozen over!" Tenko's glare never left her face. "As
"So will you, you'll be frozen with the rest of the mortal realm!" Mia
acomplish nothing"
"I won't be in the mortal realm when it freezes over" Tenko laughed. "But I
wouldn't be worried about that right now, Mia. You should be worried about
why I came here"
"Why did you come here?" Mia asked cautiously.
Tenko smirked. "I'm going to give you a choice to save your life" Her smirk
went away. "Give up your love for Anubis and I'll let you live"
"I would rather die" Mia glared.
Tenko smirked. "That can be arranged" She pulled out a crystal. "This is the
Ice Crystal, touch it and it will take away your life. Give me your life and
I'll stop the mortal realm from freezing"
There was a long pause before Mia swallowed. "How do I know you won't double
cross me?"
"I guess you won't know will you?" Tenko smirked.
Mia took a deep breath and took a step foward, reaching her hand out.
"Good bye, Anubis"