Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Seven


Anubis and the ronin warriors ran through the forest and eventually made
it to Mia's house.
Suddenly, a peircing red light shot through every window in the house.
As Anubis entered threw the balcony, he saw the light coming from something
Tenko was holding.
"No!" Anubis shouted, a light shooting from his staff. The crystal fell from
Tenko's hands to the ground, as did Mia.
Anubis ran over to Mia, whom was making no movements, and held her in his
"Mia!" A hurt expression overcame his face.
As the ronins entered the room from using the stairs, Tenko slowly backed
"uh oh" She made her way towards the balcony, but was stopped by Ryo and
"What did you do to Mia?" Rowen asked, as angry as the other ronin.
Tenko regained her composure. "Unfortuantly I only stole her spirit, if
the stupid monk had let the process finish!"
The ronins readied their weapons.
"If you want to save the girl, come to my castle, Anubis" Tenko smirked,
jumping out the balcony and disapearing to the dynasty.


Anubis layed Mia's body on her bed, he had been silent since Tenko had left.
The ronin warriors were discussing what to do, but Anubis already knew
what to do.
He grasped his staff and exited the house, on his way to Tenko's castle.
"Believe me, Tenko" Anubis' face was blank. "I will make you pay for
what you've done to My Mia"