Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Twenty-Eight


Mia opened her eyes slowly, she felt weak. Where was she? How come she felt
different? Mia stood up and walked over to a small puddle, since it was
raining. "What happened to me? I can barely see my reflection" Mia fell
to her knees. "Am I a ghost?"
"No, your a spirit" A voice said in exasperation.
Mia turned around hastily. "Who are you? Where am I?"
The voice belonged to a girl, whom looked to be about Ryo's age.
"I am Aist. Your in the realm where all the spirits go, I can't quite
what they call it" Aist sat down on a boulder. "But your going to be here
for eternity, so you might as well make the best of it"
"Eternity?!" Mia shouted. "I can't be in here for eternity"
Aist smirked. "You should be lucky your alive, you had an encounter with
Tenko, correct?"
"Yes, she was supposed to have taken my life, not my spirit" Mia sighed.
Aist shook her head. "Such a pity. Dying would have been better than being
here, alone all the time"
"Aren't there any other spirits?" Mia asked, standing.
Aist shook her head again. "Tenko changes them into dynasty soldiers, Talpa
didn't do that. You and I are the only ones left"
"Can't someone save us?" Mia looked at the small river that seemed to have
no end.
"Most unlikely, considering most don't know where we are. Tenko's keeps this
place a secret" Aist laughed.
"How do you know all of this anyway?" Mia asked.
"I'm Tenko's sister" Aist smirked. "I was the younger one in the family, of
course until Jauncy came along"
"Tenko put her own sister in here?" Mia frowned.
Aist smiled. "Tenko's not as bad as she appears. Her emotions and power
her to have split personality's, but her good side was hidden by Talpa. He
hated having a grandaughter that was part mortal. So in order for her to
be able to take care of the dynasty if anything happened to him, he gave
her unimaginable power. But the power was concealed because of her mortal
blood, causing her to care sometimes and other times be more wicked than
Aist finished her story.
"Part mortal?" Mia questioned.
"Our father was a warrior of the dynasty, but he fell in love with a mortal"
closed her eyes. "Talpa wanted Tenko as his grandaughter, so our parents
were forced to give her up. They were killed in battle soon after that"
"That's terrible" Mia frowned.
Aist smiled. "Then Tenko developed a fascination with a warrior named
the master of cruelty. He was the leader of the warlords, but very stubborn"
"Why did Tenko want to marry him?" Mia asked curiously.
Aist laughed. "You must be the mortal girl Anubis planned to kidnap, I was
surprised to learn about him not succeding. I thought you looked familiar"
Mia smiled. "Yes, I guess I was that girl"
"Anyway, Tenko fell in love with him, I guess you could say. Something was
different about him after he came back without you though, Tenko could
sense it. He acted differently towards everything in the dynasty, but
everyone except Tenko seemed blind about it. I don't really know why she
liked him so much"
"What about Jauncy? What does she have to do with Tenko, is she her sister?"
sat down, her legs becoming tired, but still fascinated with the story.
"Jauncy, her sister? I should say not! If only it could have been that
You see, Tenko didn't always live in the dynasty, infact she grew up to be
a beautiful young woman. Talpa needed her to take over the dynasty and to
defeat the ronin, but she was no longer part of the dynasty. So, he cast
a spell apon her, granting her powers. Making her have split personality's"
took a breath. "Jauncy is Tenko's daughter"