Not Even Goodbye


Mia slowly walked through the garden grounds of her mansion. Things were safe now...back to normal. Mia shook her head, her cheeks damp from recently shed tears. Things would never be back to normal again, especially now that her house had ten new residents... Yuli's parents were still missing, but since Tulpa's defeat was only a few days ago that was to be expected. Now she had not only the Ronin's and Yuli as her housemates but Sekhmaet, Cale and Dais... the house was large enough for Kayura to stay with them as well but she chose not to. Although her life was full of people , and she was surrounded by her friends, her life was still empty, as empty as her house was at the moment with everyone out on patrol.

The wind blew, and the rustling of the leaves on the wind produced a mournful sound. The rustling of the weeping willow caused Mia to smile bitterly. "You understand do you?" Mia's words were quiet. "I didn't even know I cared...never knew what he meant, that I liked him until he was gone... he didn't say anything, not even goodbye." Tears welled in Mia's eyes unbidden, and spilled forth into her cheeks, rewetting them. She could not remember much of that day, the day of the final battle that Anubis died and Tulpa was destroyed. I only that Kayura had a sword at my throat and that Anubis had used his staff to save me, shielding me from the Lady Kayura...then he fought and transferred his armor to her exorcising the netherspirit, but this act had cost him his life.

You've come back to us at last, you’re free Kayura...

"He said to her, his last words were to her, then he fell, toppled from the bridge... his death haunts me day and night... I didn't realize that I cared this much and..." Until that point Mia's voice had been a whisper, but now it rose into a scream, "HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOODBYE!"

Many hours later Mia was found asleep beneath the willow tree by Cye, her eyes swollen and red from her tears. Cye picked Mia up and carried her to her room.

"I'm sorry Mia...I only just realized that this was so much harder for you than for us, you couldn't fight back, only watch...but we'll make it up to you, I swear it...

Mia slept restlessly, her covers strewn across the room from her tossing and turning, and she uttered no sound that night save one... "Anubis..."