Not Even Goodbye
By Tiffany



Mia silently watched Anubis sleep as he recovered from their battle, just the day before. All but him had recovered fine, a few more bruised than others, and had gone out to celebrate. Mia had had to physically restrain Sage from killing Anubis, but Sage finally settle with the fact that Mia heart belonged to another.
It is finally over, we won. Mia frowned as she looked to her invalid guardian. He was injured like this because of me. They all were, but Anubis…he almost died.
Mai felt the tears which streamed down her face and cheeks, and saw the dark splotches they formed on the bed sheets as she wept.
I cannot loose him, could not bear the pain of loosing him again.
Mia buried her face in the bed sheets, resting her head against the shoulder of Anubis.
"Gomenasai, Anubis…"
Mai was startled as she felt a hand gently toy with hr hair and she looked up to see Anubis smiling tenderly at her.
"Mia, don't cry." Gently he wiped the tears from her face. "And don't apologize."
"But it's all my fault, all of this."
Anubis placed a finger over her lips to silence her as he struggled to sit up. "Mia…"
She couldn't seem to break her gaze away from his, full of tenderness and caring. He held his arms out to her and hugged her to him, cradling her against his chest.
"Don't apologize for this. Even knowing the outcome I would not change a thing." He paused and kissed her temple, content to sit with her like this forever but he knew he must continue.
"Mia…you are my life, there is no joy on my life without you. I shall never allow harm to come to you, I could not bear it. You must never apologize for it, never. I do not know what I would do without you. I need you…"
Mia felt her lips curl into a gentle smile her head nestled against Anubis's shoulder. And I shall not allow any harm to come to you…


It was Kayura who found the pair asleep in the be, Anubis slept sitting up as not to disturb Mia's peaceful sleep against his shoulder and it was Kayura who kept everyone away and quiet. "Let them be…" She told all who approached. "They deserve the rest…"