Memories and Promises
Chapter Two

"This belongs to that girl, doesn't it?" asked a man with white hair and an
eye patch.

Anubis looked up from his desk and quickly went to the man before he picked
up the object from his nightstand.

"And?" Anubis picked up the bracelet and hid it from the other man.

"Why are you hiding that, Anubis? One might think that you prefer this
mortal girl."

"Hold your tongue Dais! You might want to reconsider your accusation. As I
recall, I am the leader of this little group and that you were a member last time I
checked. You don't want to be accused of mutiny, do you?"

Dais didn't answer. A mocking grin spread on Anubis' lips as he knew what
the man's reaction would be. To be honest, nobody knew what the punishment for mutiny
was. He was silenced by an empty threat.

"Anything else, Warlord?" Anubis asked.

Without even saying a word, Dais left his chambers, fully steamed. Anubis
chuckled at him. He brought the bracelet out from behind him and looked at it.

"Maybe I do prefer her," he started, "but that will change when her friends
are with Talpa."


"I don't believe this!" Mia said in frustration. She flopped down on the

"What bracelet are you talking about?" Sage asked.

"The one my grandfather gave me when I was 10." She got up and started
pacing. "The one he gave me before my parents left me to go to Europe. The one..."

"Whoa, whoa," said Kento. "So it was important to you, so what?"

"Look, I don't care what you think about this but I have to get it back.
It's been passed down from each generation. The only reason why my father didn't give it to
me was because he didn't want it."

"If it means that much to you, we'll go back and get it," offered Ryo.

"You guys can't go. Cye's hurt."

"I'll stay with him." Kento raised his hand. "It won't be any trouble at

"Well..." Mia looked at him with uncertainty.

"I'll be here too, Mia," suggested Rowen.

With that, it was decided. Rowen and Kento would stay and tend to Cye while
Ryo and Sage went with Mia back to the city. They all decided to wait until dark to

"Where do you think you dropped it Mia?" Sage asked as they stealthily walked
among the shadows of the buildings.

"I think one of the youjas must have broken the clasp when they grabbed my
ankle as I got into the van," answered Mia.

"That doesn't sound very promising," said Ryo.

They got to where the van started and started to look around. Every rock was
turned but still no sign.


"I don't believe this," Kale said on top of a building, looking down.

"I told you they'd be back," Anubis answered. He signaled the youjas.
"Distract those two. I'll take care of the girl."

Before Kale could protest, Anubis was gone. He was left to devise a plan to
get at them.


"Do you guys hear that?" Mia asked. Before the guys could answer, they were
surrounded by the enemy.

Kale and the youjas attacked and everybody scattered. Ryo and Sage tried to
keep Mia in their field of view. They both knew that Mia could take care of herself but
was still worried. She did get a hold of a weapon and was able to fight back. The
guys didn't worry about her after that.

They didn't notice that Mia was being separated from them. Several of the
youjas followed her down alleys and back ways. As she went down to the subway, the
youjas fell away at an unseen signal. Mia listened for them when a voice came up
behind her.

"Hello Mia."