Memories and Promises
Chapter Three


Mia stopped in her tracks. She could fell a presence behind her and could
probably guess
who it was. The voice only enforced that felling.

"Looking for someone?" the voice asked. Mia slowly turned around and
confronted the
Warlord behind her. "Or something?"

He brought his hand up and the light caught something. She recognized it

"How did you get that?" She took a step forward.

"I take whatever pleases me." Anubis looked at his hand with interest as he
circled her.
"And something pleases me right now."

She followed him with her gaze around her. A sudden fear swept over her as
she realized
what hidden meaning he had meant.

"You're making a lot of assumptions," she said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, really." He stopped right behind her and stood so close, she could feel
the heat from
his body. "Don't you have desires?"

"Not the ones you're thinking of." It was suddenly hard to think with his
presence so
close. She vigorously shook her head to clear it.


"No!" She so wanted to get away from him, to run, but her body wouldn't
respond. It
was like something else was holding her back. Instincts perhaps.

"You're more confused than you're letting on."

With you around, who wouldn't be, she thought.

"Maybe this'll help." He lifted his hand and it came up in front of her.
The bracelet that
she had been looking for now dangled by its broken chain. The nameplate
twirled and
reflected dancing light against it.

She stared at it for the longest time, almost unaware of her surroundings.
Somehow, she was aware that he was looking at her for any reaction. Mia
could feel his
calm breathing right next to her ear and could almost feel the beating of his

"What do you want for it?" she asked quietly.

"Nothing...yet." She could feel him smile at her discomfort. The subway was
too claustrophobic.

They didn't move for what seemed like eternity, mesmerized by the constant
blinking of
the bracelet. Mia's thoughts began to wander and settle on the situation at
hand. But
something else was lurking, something she knew had been there before, and his
proximity was only heightening that suspicion.

Mia shook her head again. How could she be thinking that way when the hand
that could
kill her was literally inches away? A plan slowly formed and she
concentrated on the
task at hand.

She took a slight step forward then stopped. Mia knew that he was trying to
figure her
out. She only hoped that there would be a diversion.

As if on cue, a blast rocked the subway. She saw the opportunity that she
needed. Her
hand reached out to her bracelet, grasped it firmly, then started to run
forward. A firm
hand went around her wrist and she stopped short.

She quickly turned around and saw him holding her wrist. A devilish smirk
was on his
face through the helmet. He seemed to have anticipated what she would do and
interfered when it's his gain.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked. Anubis pulled her toward him
and turned
her so she was facing his way. His arm on hers was held tight around her

"Let me go." The feel of his lithe body against her back was increasing her
She was also feeling lightheaded and was less aware of her surroundings.

"Is this so bad?" he asked.

She blinked. Slowly, her head turned to where his voice came from. She
stopped and
drew a sharp grasp. Their heads were inches from each other.