Memories and Promises
Chapter Four


Her heart pounded against her chest. The feel of his hot breath on her lips
was almost
enough to make her faint. His blue-green eyes looked at her from under his
helmet. The
smirk was gone.

Mia thought that they were getting closer. His eyes never left hers as
distance between
them got even more heated.

What is he doing? she thought. We're suppose to be enemies, right? Maybe I
am more
confused then I thought.

Then her mind started to wander on other subjects.

He isn't that bad, really, she reasoned to herself. Maybe if he took off
that helmet...

While she discussed her situation, Anubis was also having double thoughts
about this

What am I doing? he asked himself. This was not part of the plan. Is she
something on me? She's more powerful and more dangerous than we thought. But
somehow, I can't seem to stop myself.

"Mia!!" Their thoughts were interrupted by voices coming down the stairs.
They both
looked up and saw the shadows of Sage and Ryo's armors coming their way.

A gust of wind blew by her and suddenly he wasn't with her anymore. She
turned around
and found him several feet away from her. He smirked again and gave her a
short bow.

"We'll meet again. I guarantee it." Then he disappeared into the darkness.

Mia caught her breath and her knees finally gave way. She dropped down to
her hands
and knees and still stared after him.

"Mia!" She could hear Ryo shouting her name. They came up behind her and
she could
feel Sage's hand on her shoulder.

"What happened?" asked Halo.

She looked up to them and must have looked distraught because Ryo started
around for something to destroy.

"Where is he?" the bearer of Wildfire asked. "What did he do to you? Show
yourself you

"Ryo," she said, barely above a whisper, "can we just get out of here?"


"Please. I really need to get away from this place."

"She's right," answered Sage. "They might come back."

Wildfire looked at them then back into the darkness. He knew they were right
and he
and Sage were not in any shape to protect Mia right now. The fight up in the
street was
more than they thought.

"Okay, let's get out of here."

They helped Mia up and got out of the subway. Her jeep was where they left
it and Sage
went over to drive. Mia sat on the passenger's side and rested her head
against the

As they sped out of the city, Mia noticed a weight in her hand. She looked
down and
found the bracelet there.

"You found your bracelet," Sage said.

"Yeah." Mia turned it over her palm and watched it. She flipped the
nameplate over and
found a new symbol there. Somebody had carved the kanji for loyalty in red
behind her name.


"I'm sorry Anubis," apologized Kale. The two Warlords watched the red and
white jeep
get out of the city. "We should have been able to hold them a little longer."

"No harm done. I think I made my point with her."

"What exactly did you do to her?"

"That's not important. Let's just say that she's going to be thinking about
us. Hopefully,
until it drives her crazy."

"That's some strategy."

It better work, too, Anubis thought. Or I'm going to go crazy along with her.

"What about that bracelet?"

"She has it." He turned away from the edge.


"Don't worry. I'm sure it's going to give her more problems than comfort."
walked away. "As she's doing to me now," he added in a whisper.