Memories and Promises
Chapter Six


She thought three days would be enough. Her last boyfriend didn't need that
much time
to get over with. What is it about bad me?

Get your mind away from him, she reprimanded herself. He's the enemy,

But still her mind wandered. Even through the armor, she could feel the hard
muscles of
his chest. She might have been feeling a little light-headed but that didn't
mean she
couldn't feel. The arm that held her against him was still very much

"Hey, Mia?"

She jerked out of her thoughts at the sound of the voice. Her head turned
from the
window and was suddenly confronted by Sage.


"Are you feeling okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"You've been awfully quiet lately." He walked up to her desk and pulled up a
chair next
to it. "Something the matter?"

"No, not really. I guess I'm just a little wary over everything that

"We all are. You had me and Ryo worried there for a second. We thought they
got you
or something."

"I thought they did, too."

"You wouldn't, by any chance, be telling me what really happened between you
and that
Warlord, would you?"

"I don't know Sage. I've tried to figure out why he didn't either kill me or
kidnap me."

"If that happens again, don't hesitate to scream. We'll be coming for you."
Sage reached
out a hand and put it on top of Mia's. Alarm went through Mia and she barely
control when an impulse told her to pull away from his touch.


He gave her a smile and got up to leave. As he closed the door behind him,
Mia pulled
her hand away from the table.

That was weird. She never used to have that kind of reaction to Sage. His
hand on hers
was a lot less comforting than usual. The Warlord's embrace was less
alarming than the
friendly hold of the Ronin.

"Oh great," she whispered, "now you're comparing him to them."

Mia got up and walked to the door. She could hear the Ronins talking
downstairs as she
crossed the hallway. When she got to her room, she quickly got a towel and
went to the

As the hot water hit her, she let herself drift back to that time three days
ago. She never
told the guys what really happened between them. She told then enough and
they got the
clue to just leave her alone. That was fine with her and apparently for the
rest of them,
except Sage. He didn't believe that nothing happened between them. He was
overprotective. Definitely long gone jealous.

He was never big on showing his emotions towards her. The others knew how he
about her. They never teased them about it.

She got out of the shower and put on a robe. Her room was dimly lit and
shadows from
outside crept in unnoticed. One shape glided in as she sat down in front of
the mirror.

The figure stood just behind her, shadows being its hiding place. Blue-green
eyes that
seem to glow in the dark looked out to her back from under the helmet it
wore. It
watched her as she combed her hair and stared out to space.

I'm acting like a lovesick girl, she thought. This is a lot more dangerous
than an innocent
school-girl crush. Give it a rest Mia and put him out of your mind.

"That's exactly what I should do," Mia said out loud. "All this thinking is
driving me

"Really?" The voice froze her hand at mid-brush. Her eyes searched the
mirror to see his
reflection. Something moved from the darkness and he emerged.

"You?!" She quickly turned around and confronted him. "What are you doing

"I told you we'd meet again. I didn't say where."

"If you don't leave right now, I'll scream and the Ronins will be here in no

"Go ahead. What makes you think that wasn't my plan?"

She watched him approach her and she did have an urge to scream but didn't.
He tilted
her head up and she followed it until she was standing in front of him. They
each other for what seemed like eternity.