Memories and Promises
Chapter Seven

"Mia?" The voice came from the other side of her door. They both looked at
the door,

Anubis looked down at her as she also turned from the door. His head
gestured towards
the door to indicate she should answer. She hesitated then started walking.
It was Ryo's
voice and he was probably just concerned over what he heard from Sage. She
opened the
door slightly and peeked out.

"Yes, Ryo?"

"Was I interrupting something?" his tiger blue eyes expectant.

"Umm, no, not really. I was just getting ready for bed."

"Oh, I better leave you alone then. Sorry."

"That's okay. I'll see you then."

"Yeah. See ya." He started walking away from her door to the stairs. She
had an urge to
call back out to him, to make him come back, but didn't. Before she could be
even more
tempted, an armored hand came down on the door and closed it. She was
aware of a body right next to her.

"You care too much for these brats," Anubis said. "You could have said
something and
my job here would have been done."

"Maybe I'm crazier than you think." He voice started out strong then ended
in a whisper.

She felt him move and suddenly felt his breath on her cheek. Her head didn't
turn but
could almost see that devilish grin that made him look so intimidating. She
could feel his
eyes studying her and almost had the urge to pull away. The sensations of
three days past
came flooding back the moment his hand touched her.


Why am I doing this? Anubis asked himself. His hand moved to her shoulder
without his
consent. He had wanted to touch and hold her even since she had come out of
bathroom. He slowly pushed aside her hair.

"What are you doing?" her whispered voice interrupted his thoughts.

The armored hand in front of her glowed and changed into the subarmor. Mia
turned her
head slightly and found him at her eye level without his helmet. She stifled
a gasp when
she finally realized that he was very human, nothing like what she had

His straight red hair fell around his face and the devilish grin she had
anticipated was not
there. An intent look was in his blue-green eyes as they looked into hers.
His other hand
slowly came up to her shoulder and caressed her cheek. Mia shuddered.

Suddenly, with a quick movement of his wrist, his hand was around the back of
her neck.
She tensed at the quick contact and tried to pull away. For the first time
since she's seen
him, confusion openly showed on his eyes. He touched his forehead to hers
and closed
his eyes.

"When it comes to you, I don't know anymore," he answered to her question.
His eyes
opened slowly and looked at Mia.

A nervousness crept up Mia's spine as his eyes revealed more then she needed
to know.
She cleared her throat and swallowed before talking.

"Then you better leave." Her mind screamed for any Ronin to knock on the
door again,
to interrupt this, but her mouth wouldn't say anything that didn't concern

"But I can't do that. You see, what Kale said was true. We are connected

"Then I suggest...that you leave...before this leads to..." She didn't want
to know where
this was headed but her body was responding to it.

"We both know where this is headed." His hand started kneading the back of
her neck.
"I don't think I want to leave." His eyes traveled down to her lips.

"You..." Before she could finish, his mouth was against hers, hungrily
seeking solace in
the one person who can give it to him.

Mia's hands pushed against him and she tried to pull her head back to no
avail. His other
hand settled on her stomach as he pushed her up against the wall. The sash
that held her
robe closed disappeared between them. She gasped against his mouth as she
felt his hand
on her bare skin.

His arm went around her waist and carted her off to bed. She fought him all
the way and
momentarily stopped when his subarmor disappeared. The feel of bare skin
against hers
distracted her but quickly came back when his tongue darted into her mouth.
She fought
him and her own body, trying not to coax him and respond to him. When it got
down to
it, she couldn't stop her responses to him and finally shattered.