Memories and Promises
Chapter Nine

Anubis hurled a chair against the wall. His anger radiated all around him
and was almost

"Oh, your girlfriend cheating on you already?" asked somebody from behind.
quickly turned around and saw Cale standing there.

"I don't have the time or the patience to listen to you." Anubis all but
growled the words
out. "It's because of you that I'm in this predicament."

"So, I take it you umm...," he thought for a second, "you...consummated the
situation last

"You don't want to know how that started."

"Then it was mutual."

"And did you think that was enough!?"

"I didn't say anything like that." Cale held up his hands. "All I said was
that you should
go to her. I said 'should.' I didn't say you had to. And I especially
didn't say anything
about consummating anything."

Cale instinctively stepped back as Anubis came to him at lightning speed. A
hand held
Cale's neck and pinned him against the door. Anubis pulled back his other
arm and was
getting ready to punch.

"What are you so mad about?" Cale choked out.

Anubis' blue-green eyes narrowed as they looked up at him. His face grimaced
a little as
he put more pressure on his hand. Suddenly, he let go of him and Cale
dropped down,

"Leave, before I do something I might regret." He turned away from him.

"You've come this far with you telling me your secrets. You should know by
now that
you can trust me to be more than an ally to you."

"What do you gain from this?" Anubis turned back and looked down at him.

"Nothing. Is it that hard to accept?" Cale could see a little softening of
his leader's
features. "What can it hurt you to tell me, anyway? Nobody listens to me
and I know
Dais or Sekhmet never will."

His leader turned away again as he got up slowly. He shook his head slightly
and turned
to leave.

"You were kidding about what you said, weren't you?" Cale stopped and was
about to
answer when he spoke up again. "Somehow, I already knew that you were just
joking but
I wasn't really listening."

"No worries. I guess I deserved to be yelled at." Cale slowly walked back
to where
Anubis stood and looked at him. The anger that was almost tangible before
was almost
gone. "What happened?"

"My 'girlfriend,' as you called her, woke up in the arms of that blond moron."

"Oh! Want me to take him then? I've been itching to get my hands on the
Warrior of

"This is my problem. He's my problem." Anger started to creep back to his

"Okay, I'll hold him down, you punch." Anubis looked at Cale. "Maybe not.
Just trying
to help."

"The only one that needs help would be that brat. But I won't rush into
this. I will give
her the benefit of the doubt."

"Kind of dangerous, isn't it? You trusting her like that?"

"When I went to her last night, she wasn't afraid of me. I can feel that she
was nervous
but not afraid. She has an idea of how I might feel towards her and I think
that has some
bearing on what she's thinking."

"You're using guilt on her after just one night?" Cale suppressed a laugh.
"Aren't you
getting a little ahead of yourself?"

"I don't think so." Anubis smirked. "Like you said before, we are
connected, there's no
doubt about that. I know how she'll feel."

Cale looked at Anubis and regarded his leader for a second. The smirk on his
face was
unnerving compared to the hostile nature Anubis was displaying before. That
definitely showed a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Another visit then?"

"Oh, definitely. She won't be too happy about this one though."

"No consummating this time?"

"Who knows? I'll have to deal with her and maybe that brat. We'll see how
she reacts to
me this time around."

Anubis turned to face Cale and smiled. He clapped Cale's shoulder and left
his room.