Memories and Promises
Chapter Ten


The Ronins sat around the living room. It's been an exhaustive day since
they cleaned the
mansion from top to bottom. The place hasn't seen this kind of clean since
it was first
made. None of them moved, afraid to disturb the order.

"I can't believe we did that," said Kento.

"Yeah," answered Cye. "You've never done something like that."

"Yes I have. Just not all at the same time."

"Have you guys noticed anything weird about Mia?" Sage asked. "She hasn't
been acting
the same since that day."

"Yeah," answered Rowen. "She's been keeping to herself a lot lately."

"Do you really think there's something wrong with her?" Cye asked. "I think
she just
needs a little time to herself."

"Maybe but I'm still worried," Ryo added. "I told her that she can tell us
anything. That
isn't too hard."

"Chill Ryo," Kento offered. "You gotta remember, she's new to all this.
She's never had
to rely on others for help before."

"But doesn't she see that we're her friends? We're here to help."

"She does see that Ryo." Cye put a hand on his shoulder. "I just think that
whatever is
bothering her is something she should solve on her own."

"But what if what she thinks is exactly what she doesn't need?" Rowen asked.
will we jump in and save her from herself?"

"That's just it," Cye defended. "She'll know when she needs us. If she
thinks she can
handle it by herself, then she will. You give her very little credit."

They sat down in silence. Sage looked up to the second floor and wondered
what Mia
was doing.


The woman in question walked the length of her room. She had been in her
room all day
while the guys cleaned the house. They wouldn't let her out and she really
didn't feel like
interacting with them. There was just too many things going through her head.

What was he trying to do? Mia thought. That insufferable bastard. If he
shows his face
around me again, he won't be too happy.

"I see that you were thinking the same thing I was." She stopped walking and
noticed her
clenched fist in her palm. She didn't really have to look to know who it was
that said

"What are you doing here and what do you mean?"

"I came to see you and weren't you thinking of doing that to Halo?"

"No, I wasn't." She turned to face him and noticed he was just in his
subarmor. "I was
thinking of doing that to you."

"Really? At least I know you care."

"You wish."

"Are we going to fight about this or talk?"

"I'd rather fight about this, thank you."

He smirked and sat down on one of her chairs. She shifted as he scrutinized
her. His
eyes studied her from head to toe while she did the same.

"We going to fight like last night?" He crossed his arms.

"Hah!! I thought that would be your reason for being here. Sorry, but your
plans have

"Don't jump to conclusions, my dear." He got up and walked up to her. "You
didn't put
up much of a fight the first time." His hand went up to her face and she
brushed it away.

"You're making a lot of assumptions." She moved away from him. "You're not
welcomed here."

"I didn't think I needed to be welcomed." His arm shot out and grabbed her
"Besides, I didn't ask for one."

He moved his head closer to hers. It didn't stop until her palm came in
contact with his

"Like I said before, you're making a lot of assumptions. Now, let go or the
next hit will
be way lower than the last one."

"You've gotten a lot more guts for one day. Don't tell me it's because of

"Nobody changed me. Just got my head on straight. Now, let me go."

"You first."

She had her hand on his shoulder and didn't seem to want to let go. Her
wandered and suddenly stopped.

What the heck, she thought before kissing him.