Memories and Promises
Chapter Eleven


The kiss went on for awhile. It was slow, methodical, pleasurable for both,
a kiss that
could lead to other things and did. The night went on, not with a verbal
quarrel that both
had prepared for, but with a purely sexual quarrel that neither wanted to win.

This would go on for awhile, him visiting in between battles. Always it
starts with a
fight, sometimes verbal, sometimes physical but always ending up in the same
place: bed.
The Ronins would suspect something then she would make up an excuse like some
rodent jumped over her bed which wasn't entirely false. Sometimes they would
startled to waking up when something runs over the sheets.

With their nights fights becoming common place, was it ever a wonder that one
Anubis would feel another presence in the room. He woke up when he felt a
energy spike near Mia. She moved a little then stopped. The energy spike
didn't come
back and he dismissed it as coincidence.

However, the spike would come back again and again. He could feel it with
prominence when she was with the Ronins in the middle of battle. The little
spike would
grow steadily with her anger and Anubis knew it wasn't her emitting those
spikes. There
was only one other thing that it could be, but he had to make sure. He
visited Badamon
at one of the temples.

"What have you come here for Warlord of Cruelty?" asked the spirit.

"The woman," Anubis started, "has there been anything unusual happening to

"Nothing that isn't natural." Badamon turned back to the fire.

"Don't give me riddles, spirit. What is that strange energy that I felt?"

"It came from you."

Anubis wasn't surprised. He had suspected she was pregnant. The only thing
that he was
puzzling over was how did it happen.

"How is the child possible then? I thought living in the Netherworld
prevented that from

"In the Netherworld. As I recall, the situation happened in the Mortal

"You mean to tell me there are exceptions to the rule?"

Badamon nodded. With the, Anubis left the room. He, unfortunately, had to
run into

"Where to in such a hurry, oh fearless leader?" the Warlords asked.

"It's none of your business," Anubis answered as he pushed past him.

"I make it my business," Dais whispered as Anubis' retreating back

The red-headed demon general entered his room and paced it for a couple of
He suddenly stopped and went to his desk. Lying on top was the bracelet that
she lost
and found but he stole again. Her last name shown on it as well as his
reflection. He
lightly touched it and suddenly had an idea. With pen and paper, he quickly
down something and laid the bracelet on top. After writing the letter, he
quickly left the


Mia tossed and turned on her bed. The day had not gone good. The attacks on
the house
had intensified and the day's particular attack wasn't with Anubis. Dais and
brought an unexpected visit to them. Everybody wasn't expecting it,
especially not Mia.

The sliding door to the balcony quietly slid and a figure came in. The form
seemed to
slide over the floor and stopped at the edge of her bed. It went down on one
knee and
laid down a hand on her shoulder.


She stirred and opened her eyes. Anubis was next to her and she could tell
he was having
trouble with something. She was rather ready for a fight.

"What is it?" She sat up and held his hand.

"I won't beat around the bushes." He sat on the bed in front of her. "You
have to make a

"Based on?"

"Based on whether you want to keep something or not."

"What? I thought you wouldn't be beating around the bushes?"

"This isn't exactly the kind of new that needs to be advertised out loud."

"Then you mind telling me like you normally do?"

Anubis paused for a second and just looked at her. She didn't look any
different, in fact,
she looked almost glowing. >But the energy within her,< he thought.

"You have to leave this place."