Memories and Promises
Chapter Twelve


"Leave?! Why?! When?!" Mia dropped his hand.

"It's getting more and more dangerous for both of us. You have to leave."

"And where, pray tell, do I go? I can't exactly go up against an army of
soldiers now can

"That's why you're coming with me."


"The safest place for you is with me. You have to come."

"And what is the reason for all this? I thought everything was going fine."

"Not after what I found out today."

"Okay. Maybe I'll understand better if you explain yourself."

"People haven't really gotten suspicious yet. Only Cale knows where I am
right now.
Dais is the only one that I really need to be worried about."

"Would you mind not talking in riddles? I can take whatever you say."

"People are going to be more suspicious after a couple of more weeks. By
everybody who doesn't already have an idea where I go in between battles will
forming their own opinions."

"But...?" He stopped her.

"When that happens, your safety and the child's will be jeopardized."

"What child?" A revelation dawned on Mia but didn't want to acknowledge it.

"The child that you bear for me." His hand settled on her yet flat belly.
The strange
energy that he felt all those other times was still present. "Our child."

Mia just stared at him for a second. She supposed that having midnight
rendezvous as
often as they have would lead to the same results but still! Her hand moved
and settled
on his on her stomach. She could feel a rather small energy from her belly
through his

"How did you...?" She still continued to stare, almost afraid to ask the

"I already had an idea. Somebody just confirmed that." He saw her react
when her hand
touched his. "You can feel it too, don't you?"

Mia only nodded. The energy within her moved a little and settled down again.

"Now do you understand why you have to leave?" That brought her out of her

"No, I don't," she answered indignantly. "Don't you think that the Ronins
can take care of

"Frankly, I don't trust them to do that. And do you really think they would
accept that
child when they find out that it's mine?"

"And do you really think that Talpa would accept this child when he finds out
that it's
mine? We're on the same boat."

"Yes we are, but he's going to accept you more." He raised his other hand up
to her
cheek. "You can feel the child, that means he has value to Talpa."

"My baby?" She looked down at their hands on her belly. The energy was
still there, a
constant strength.

"I don't know what else to tell you. That's the best argument I have for
you." He slowly
slid his hands away from her as he got up from the bed. He turned to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" He turned back around and found that she
look that confused anymore. "You're not going to leave with that, are you?"

"Actually, I was going to leave to give you some time to think about this. I
know this
must be an overwhelming decision to make in one night but..."

"I'm coming with you," she interrupted him. He looked at her, a little
surprised at her
answer. She folded her hands on her lap and looked down at them. "I don't
know why
I'm coming with you but I have to. I'll be an even bigger burden on the
Ronins if I stay, whether they understand my situation or not." She looked up. "I know that
you'll know whatever happens to me in your world, so that's a comfort."

Anubis just nodded his head. He didn't anticipate her answer so soon and
with such force. Those weren't all the reasons why she wanted to come with him and he
didn't really care to find out those reasons. She was going to be safe from now on.

"We better go then," she said.

"What? Now?"


The Ronins were almost asleep downstairs when the roof suddenly blow off.
They all jumped up with the shouts of "Mia?!" and headed for the stairs. When they
reached the floor, Mia's door was gone and her room had almost disappeared. They all
walked in and looked around. Mia was nowhere to be found and she only left part of her
jacket in the debris.