Memories and Promises
Chapter Thirteen


"Anubis, you're needed..." Cale burst into the room and expected somebody to
be there.
He looked around the room and found it fairly undisturbed. He shook his head
a little
when he realized where he could be.

Before he could leave, something on Anubis' desk caught his attention. He
walked to the
desk and saw the bracelet he thought that was already given back. It was on
top of a
piece of paper that had his name on it. He slowly slid the bracelet down as
he read the
note. He didn't have to read the whole thing to know what it was all about.
He was about
to leave when the door opened.

"Cale!" Anubis stood at the door.

"Tell me this isn't true," Cale demanded. He held the note in front of him.

"What's not true?" A movement caught Cale's eye right behind Anubis.
hair emerged and blue eyes looked up to him, wearing half a jacket.

Cale's eyes grew wide. He hastily pushed both of them in and slammed the
door behind
them. He walked around wide-eyed and he kept looking from Anubis to Mia.

"You could sit down so we could discuss this," Anubis suggested.

"Discuss...this?!" Cale gestured to Mia who was looking around the room.
"Do you have
any idea what she could bring down on us? Have you completely gone out of

"Actually," Anubis whispered to him, "this is the one thing that I'm sure
of." His eyes
followed Mia around the room. "Somehow, nothing else matters but her."

"And you're going to risk your position, and quite possibly your life, for

"If it got down to that, I will."

Cale stared at him for the longest time. Anubis walked over to where Mia
stopped. They
both looked down at his desk as he picked up the bracelet and placed it in
her hands.

"I was thinking where I left this."

"I thought I'd keep it before you lost it again."

"The two of you are completely nuts, do you know that?!" Both Mia and Anubis
to look at Cale. "You're standing over there, talking like nothing's wrong.
This mutual
thing isn't working too good."

"Why are you so concerned for him?" Mia asked. "You could just leave and tell
everybody what was wrong and expose us. But you stay here and try to
convince him to
take me back."

"It's more a concern for you than him. You don't know what they'll do to you
when they
catch you."

"She doesn't have to worry about them," Anubis spoke up. "Talpa will let her

"How are you so certain?"

Before Anubis could answer, the door opened and stopped them all. Dais stood
in the
doorway with a wide grin.

"Take the woman," he told the soldiers behind him. They went around him as
stood in front of Mia, shielding her.

"What do you think you're doing Dais?" Anubis demanded. The soldiers stopped
advance and looked back to the white-haired Warlord.

"You've brought an intruder to the castle," Dais started, walking in to the
room. "I've
made it my duty to take her and present her to Master Talpa."

"That's a noble gesture, Dais," Anubis answered sarcastically. "But I think
I'll be the one
taking her to Talpa for an audience."

Dais only gave him a short nod of acknowledgment. He motioned for the
soldiers to
leave and gave all three a bow before leaving himself.

"He's the only one that I'm worried about," Anubis said as Dais closed the
door behind

"What do you mean an audience with Talpa?" Mia said from behind him.

"Talpa has to know the reason why you're here," Cale answered. "Care to
explain why
she is here for me?" He turned to Anubis.

The red-headed Warlord took Cale's hand and placed it on Mia's stomach. The
that his palm touched her belly, a spark of energy went off. Cale quickly
jerked back his

"What was that?"

"That was my child. Interesting, isn't it?"

"You can say that again. But I thought...?"

"I did too but apparently there are exceptions to the rule."

"Talpa will have to consider this."

"He better."

"What are the two of you talking about?" Mia asked. "You're acting like I'm
not here.
Somebody better start explaining or I'm out of here."