Memories and Promises
Chapter Sixteen


"Do I have to stay in this room all the time?" Mia asked.

It's been a couple of days since she met Talpa face to face. They kept a
close guard on
her, always following her around, especially the soldiers. Anubis kept a
pretty close eye
on her, even when he was away.

"It's for your safety," Anubis answered her. She was in the middle of their
bed and he
stood at the foot of it. "I told you I wanted you to be safe."

"By putting me here like a caged animal?!" She shifted to her knees. "If I
knew you guys
were going to do this, I wouldn't have agreed to come with you."

"What would you have done?" He crossed his arms in front of him and smirked.
Ronins that you so wanted to protect left the house you stayed in. They're
wandering all
over Japan now, looking for a purpose."

"At least they would let me do anything I want!"

"And I don't do that here?!"

"That's just it. It's here! I never get to see anything but these four
walls. Do you have
any idea how boring that is?"

"And what would you want me to do about it?" He leaned forward. "I can't
have you
running around the castle. You have no idea how dangerous it is out there."

"Probably not as dangerous as back on the Mortal World." She stood on her
knees. "At
least there, I could defend myself."

"The purpose of taking you here was to keep you safe not get you into deeper

"Really? I thought you brought me here so you could sneak into my room

"And that too."

They looked at each other with the bed in between. She was trying to get mad
at him but
with the insufferable smirk on his face, she couldn't. He loved to see her
especially when he's the cause. She would only need to roll her eyes or sigh
and he
would have a victorious look in his eyes. Before she could do either, the
door opened.

"You two at it again?" asked Cale as he poked his head through the door.

"Why not?" answered Mia as Cale came in. "It was an argument that started
all this.
Why not continue?"

"Indeed," Anubis added.

"Well, you might want to hold those plans. I'm sorry my lady but I need to
borrow your
mate here for the night."

"Going to torture the Ronins again?" she asked.

"Quite possibly."

"Then both of you leave. I don't want to hear about it."

Cale gave her a short bow then looked at Anubis. He gave him a gesture to
wait outside
while he finished something there. Probably the fight they were having or an
different fight. He didn't really mind if the army had to wait.

Mia had already settled back in the bed when the door opened and closed
again. She
assumed that Anubis followed Cale outside to get the attack ready but was
surprised when somebody sat on the bed just behind her. The presence was
and she didn't brush the hand away when it settled on her hip.

"We will have to finish this debate when I come back," he whispered to her
ear, his
breath tickling her.

"Then you better leave so you could come back earlier," she answered

"And I might want to test that theory about being able to sneak into your
room quicker."

"Another reason for you to leave already and come back early." The hand on
her hip
went around her waist and pulled her towards him. She could tell that he
wanted to stay
but settled on just holding her close and feeling her.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?"

"Maybe." She turned her head a little bit and looked at him.

"I don't have to go."

"Yes, but you will. I don't care who already knows what's happening between
us in this
room, but I can't let you make me a priority. What would they say when they
find out
that you're putting a woman above duty?"

"If they dare say anything, those would be their last words."

"Go already." She nudged back. "Dais will use this against you somehow. I
know it."

"I better take care of that then." He kissed her lips and slowly pulled away
from her.