Memories and Promises
Chapter Seventeen

Days passed into weeks. Weeks passed into months. It seemed almost like a
routine for
the Dynasty's army to come out once a week to seek out where the Ronins were
In between those, Anubis' guard went up even more.

Her stomach had grown along with her appetite. She would ask for the weirdest
combination of foods that would have the whole castle going crazy just to
find it for her.
Nobody could rest easy until after she got what she wanted. Not even Anubis
her wrath.


All four Warlords were before Talpa, just back from their weekly terrorizing.
They all
heard her scream and turned to the named Warlord. Anubis sighed and bowed low
before Talpa.

"I am sorry, Master," he apologized as he stepped back. "I am needed."

They watched him leave, Dais and Sekhmet arching an eyebrow at him. Talpa
even bother with asking him what she could need. Even since she had arrived,
had been very busy.

"She is running his life, Master," Dais said. "It's a wonder that he even
knows what is
happening around him."

"That's why he's the leader," Cale answered. They glared at each other,
hoping that either
one would be right.

"My Warlords, there is no need for alarm." Talpa held up a hand and they
turned to him.
"The child within the woman is growing by the minute. If she needs him with
her there,
then let them be. What is the lose of one Warlord for nine months when I get
loyalty from another? Neither one would be foolish enough to go up against

The remaining three Warlords bowed in agreement. They all had other things
through their heads but neither of them said it out loud. Their views
differed so much
that it was best kept unsaid.


Mia paced the length of the room just in front of the door. She could feel
approaching and waited for him to open it. When he did open the door, she
wrapped her
arms around his neck and kissed him. He staggered back a little bit but
caught her before
they fell. She finally pulled away, breathless.

"As much as I enjoyed that, care to explain what for? You never got that
excited when I
came home before."

"This time, there is cause for celebration. We're having two kids!"

"That would be nice but isn't working on the first one a priority here?"

"You idiot." She playfully slapped his chest and he released her. "I'm
talking about
having twins!"

"Twins?! Where did you get that idea?!"

"From my stomach. It's a good thing that I could feel them inside me."

"Do you have any idea what Master Talpa would think of this?"

"Wouldn't he be happy to see two of them?"

"To an extent he would be but then he would start comparing the two. Who's
Stronger? More magic oriented? If he finds one superior to the other, he
would keep the

"And the other one?"

"The other will have to be killed in order for the stronger ones to survive."

"He's going to kill one of my babies?! I don't think so!!"

"And what are you going to do?"

"Something, anything! I am not going to just stand there while he picks and
which of my children survives. You're going to be there with me, too."

"Hey, I'm here to protect you, remember. And these are also my children."
He placed a
hand on her stomach and felt her shiver. She never did get used to his touch
there. "Why
wouldn't I defend all three of you?"

"Are you sure you're not going to get into trouble when it comes down to
where your
loyalties lie?"

"It's a balancing act but I'll manage." He leaned towards her. "Besides,
aren't the three of
you worth being banished from this place?"

"Yeah right." She tilted her head up to meet his. "Like you would be happy
if you're
away from this place."

"We'll see." They kissed and not much else was said.

In the shadows of the room, a figure watched and listened to the exchange of
words. Its
one eye glowed red as a plan began to form. The figure the blended back into