Memories and Promises
Chapter Eighteen

"Where are you taking me?!" An old woman struggled to keep pace with two
She was led down the hall and nobody answered her. Her keen hearing turned
to a
woman's scream and wondered where she was being taken.

"Where is that woman?!" The old woman saw a man burst from a door. He looked
around and spotted her. "There you are. What took so long? Mia sounds like
she's being
torn apart." He grabbed hold of an arm and practically dragged her to the
room. Another
scream was heard.

"Is she here, Cale?" asked another man's voice. The old woman looked around
the room
and found the woman that had been screaming with a red-headed man holding her

"Oh, my word..." the old woman trailed. The young woman's reddish-brown hair
plastered to her forehead with sweat and her knuckles were white against the
man's hand.
She was breathing heavy and the old woman knew what to do.

She pushed aside the redhead and grabbed the corner of the blanket to wipe
the sweat
away. Her hands settled on top of the younger woman's belly and knew that
time was

"Get me a lot of towels and some hot water," the woman said. The two men in
the room
looked at each other, not really sure if she was talking to them. The old
woman turned
away from the girl and glared at both men. "Didn't the two of you hear me?!
Get me
some towels and hot water! That isn't too hard!"

The old woman turned back to the girl and started to whisper encouraging
words to her.
The redhead stepped forward, about to clobber the woman for ordering them
when the one called Cale caught his arm.

"Watch it Anubis. We don't know any other midwives you know."

The one called Anubis shrugged his hold away but did not advance any further.
turned and left the room, a determined look on his face. Cale shook his head
followed him to go look for somebody to bring them the items.

"Where...did he...go to?" the girl asked in between breaths.

"I sent them to do something," the old woman answered as she cleared a place
near the
bed. "You are Mia I presume?"

"Yes, but...I need him here."

"He'll be back. What do you need him for? Is he the father?"

"He kept the pain away. He needs to come now!!"

"Just breath regularly and calm down." The woman wiped off sweat again.
"He'll be

It seemed like an eternity to Mia before Anubis ever came back. She didn't
really mind
the pain, just needed his comfort next to her. A few minutes after they came
back with
everything she needed, the pain was even greater.

"Okay, anybody that wants to stay, you can stay. Otherwise, I don't need all
of you in
here." The midwife looked around at the countless soldiers and slaves in the
room. She
picked out who she needed then told everybody else to go.

"Don't you leave me." Mia grabbed hold of Anubis' arm.

"I'm not."

The midwife directed everybody to where they're supposed to be but couldn't
move the
Warlord. She could tell that the girl was cutting circulation to his arm but
he didn't seem
to mind. Mia screamed again and she knew they were close.

"Alright dear, when I say push, you push with everything you've got." She
herself at the foot of the bed and waited. When the time came, she
instructed what to do
and got to work. Anubis was at Mia's head, trying to comfort her the best he

The woman let out a yell when a head emerged. She continued to coach her
everything until the child was completely out. She could have asked if
Anubis wanted to
cut the cord but could see that he was busy. But it didn't stop there.
Another one was
coming out and something was wrong. The head came out fine but as the neck
she could see that the cord was wrapped around its neck. She struggled with
it for a few
seconds and finally got the baby lose but it did not breath.

"Oh no," the old woman whispered. Anubis looked at her as well as Mia. They
saw one
baby in the arms of one slave, all wrapped up in blankets while the other one
the midwife

"No!!" Mia screamed. She tried to get up but Anubis gently held her down.
Her strength
was depleted after that.

Mia reached for the child in the midwife's arms and she complied by coming
around and
placing the baby in her hands. Tears streamed down both women's cheeks as
Mia looked
up at Anubis.

"I don't feel anything from him Anubis! Nothing!!"