Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty

She was wearing the ceremonial garment that she wore when she was first
presented to
Talpa. This time, Cale did not walk with her and Anubis down that aisle.
When those
doors opened, she and Anubis, each with a child, walked down side by side.

It's been a couple of days since the birth of their twins. Both of them were
exhausted by the whole ordeal in one way or another. Anubis did explain as
much as he
could on what happened to him but Mia was just happy that he was there. She
however, had to explain the meaning behind the names of the kids.

"Kiefer was my grandfather's name on my dad's side," she explained to him.
"Kieran was
my grandfather's name on my mom's side."

Anubis didn't argue with her. Couldn't really since she fell asleep shortly
after that. All
three slept comfortably together so he was forced to sit on a chair next to
the bed. He
just stayed up all that night watching all of them.

Now, both of them walked down the aisle to present their children. Everybody
already acknowledged that Anubis was the acting father with all the time he
spent with
her. They still did not suspect that he was the real father.

"Your child is already born?" Talpa asked as they stopped just in front of
him. "Has it
been that long? And two of them nonetheless!"

Mia only nodded and amused Talpa more. She was going to be defiant till the
end. He
rose from his seat and walked towards her. Anubis almost stood between them
stopped himself.

"Show him to me."

She held out Kiefer to him. Talpa didn't need to look deep into the child to
know just
how powerful he would be. He then turned to Anubis who in turn held out
Kieran to
him. Both children gave off equal presence and even he could not tell which
would be a
better match.

"Both are rather powerful. I cannot decide on which one to keep."

"Can't you keep both of them?" Mia asked. He turned to her, amusement rising.

"And what would I have use for two new Warlords?"

"Since they look enough alike, wouldn't it be logical to have them? They
could keep
anybody unbalanced on their appearance alone. They wouldn't know which would
be the
real thing or just a trick on their mind."

Talpa thought for a second and looked at both children. She had presented a
very valid
proposition. Besides, it was early. There was time to test the children.

"You have made your point. I will keep both of them for now. They are still
of no use to
me. You can do whatever you wish with them but keep in mind that I am their
That is all."

Mia and Anubis bowed low to him and left the room. The presence of the
children was
still in the air and hung there after they were long gone.


"What right does he have to choose which of my babies survive?" Mia asked as
came back to their room. "Did he give birth to them?!"

"Mia calm down," Anubis told her as he placed Kieran in his crib. "He was
enough to agree with you and keep them a while longer."

"Generous?!" She placed Kiefer in his crib and stalked to the dresser and
started to take
off her headdress. "What he's done is going to give me a headache. Now he
wants us to
make sure that the boys will be equal. He knows that I'm not parting with
either one of

"And neither will I." He came up behind her and helped with undoing her
hair. "I think
it's good that he's letting us do that. That way, when the kids are older,
it will be harder
for him to choose which one he wants."

"You think so?" She looked at him from the mirror.

"If he didn't want both of them in the first place, he should have eliminated
one of the
boys already."

"True. Umm...what are you doing?" His hands were helping with getting her
out of the
thick kimono but his lips nuzzled her neck.

"I think I've stayed away from you long enough," he whispered to her ear,
tickling her.
He made a trail of kisses from her jaw down to her shoulder.

"Anubis...not here." She tried to pull away but he held her close to him.
"The kids..."

"Are going to be fine. They're asleep." He turned her around and kissed her

Outside, Dais heard their little plan. He smirked as another piece of his
plan was coming
to pass. He didn't even have to do anything since everything was being done
for him. He
walked away from the door, caring very little for the two's pleasure.