Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty-One

"Have you guys noticed that the Warlords seem to be getting slower?" asked

"I know," answered Rowen. "I'm not the only one that noticed."

"It is weird to see them a little sluggish, isn't it?" Cye asked.

"Well whatever it is, it better last for a pretty long time until they're
completely out of
energy," Ryo answered.

"The thing is, this has only been happening for the last couple of months,"
Rowen added.
"I wonder what happened?"

Sage didn't join in on the conversation but heard all their comments. What
is going on
with the Dynasty? What are they planning?


"Did you know that it's been a year since you came here?" Anubis asked. They
enjoying a rare peaceful night in their quarters.

"It's been that long already?" She snuggled even closer to him.

"And you're still safe." He propt himself up and leaned down to kiss her.

"From who?" He missed her lips and kissed her cheek when she had turned her

"Not from me if that's all you're going to do." He reached down and tickled
her. She
playfully tried to pull away but couldn't as his hands pressed her closer to

"This is becoming routine, isn't it?" She stopped giggling and draped a leg
over his hip.
"It's a wonder that we only have two kids."

"We live in the Netherworld. That's enough for preventing anything from
Don't tell me you want more."

"And have Cale take care of all of them while we're in here making more? I'm
not that
cruel. He's tired as it is, and so are you." She slowly pulled away and he
released her.

"Now you're being cruel to me." She stuck her tongue out at him and got up.
"I have a
better idea on what to do with my tongue." He grabbed her waist and pulled
her back
down. Before she could protest, his mouth was over hers and stuck his tongue
down her

There was crying near their bed but Anubis didn't stop his assault. Whoever
wanted to
get her attention will have to compete with him. The crying persisted and he
had to stop
when Mia pushed against his chest. She got up without a word and walked over
to the
crib. Kieran cried up to her as chubby hands tried to reach for her.

"Oh, poor baby. Are you hungry?"

"He's not the only one," Anubis whispered. She looked at him and shook her

"Don't listen to your dad. He's just mad that I'm paying more attention to
you than him."
She lifted the baby out and cradled it. As she sat back down, she opened her
robe and
held the baby up to one breast. With a grumble form behind her, the baby
attached itself to her.

"What an ungrateful little brat." Anubis moved over and sat down next to
her. He
watched as the baby fed, unmindful of his presence. "I give up half my soul
for you and
this is what you do to repay me."

"He's just a baby Anubis. Leave him alone. Why don't you go and see if
Cale's okay with

"That's what I've been reduced to. First a Warlord, next a lover, then a
father, and now a
baby-sitter." He got up and called up his subarmor. "What next?"

"We'll see what I can do." She smiled up to him. He shook his head at her

Anubis got to Cale's door and knocked. When he didn't hear an answer, he
opened the door and looked in. The normally orderly and clean room was
unusually in
disarray when he stepped in. He looked around and found the Warlord of
sprawled on his bed. The baby was nowhere to be seen.

"Cale? Where's Kiefer?" He didn't try to hide his presence.

"Would you keep your voice down?" Cale said through gritted teeth. "He's


"Here." Cale pulled back the covers and there the boy was. "It took me
forever to get
him tired enough to sit down let alone go to sleep. He might have just
learned how to
crawl but he can get around pretty quickly."

"That's my boy. At least the other one hasn't tired her out yet."

"Is that why you're here?" Cale got up slowly. "She kicked you out?"

"That and to make sure that Kiefer hasn't killed you yet."

"I'm about to kill him." Anubis couldn't help but laugh as Cale looked down
at the little
bundle of terror.