Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty-Three

A woman cleaned up a room and went outside. She noticed a woman with reddish-
brown hair walking down the hall. She recognized the woman as only Lady Mia.
beauty the others have talked about was very evident. She could understand
how the
Warlord Anubis would want to keep her for himself.

"Hello," Mia called out to her. The woman could also see that she was really

"Lady Mia," she answered, bowing her head.

"Just Mia please."

"Alright, Lady Mia." Mia laughed.

"I'll leave it at that then. Um, can I ask you a question?"

"You can ask me anything."

"Well, you've seen little boys running around here, right?" The woman
nodded. "I was
just wondering if you've seen them."

"If you're talking about those two boys that went running outside just when
the army went
out, they're with them."

"What?! He took them with him?!"

"I don't think so. They looked like they were sneaking around."

"What?! Oh my God. Thank you for telling me this." Mia turned away from
her. "You
boys are going to get it when you come back."


"Where do you think they are this time?" Cale asked Anubis.

"They don't seem to want to come out and play anymore," Sekhmet added.

"I don't know where they'd be. Any suggestions Dais since you seem to be
brooding over

"As a matter of fact I do," the one-eyed Warlord answered. "They seem to
have headed
north for the time being. There's nothing but desolate land up there anyway
since we've
already looked over that part."

"Then there's no point to even go up there. We'll just waste time and we'll
let them get
away anyway," Cale said.

"There is not point to going there," Anubis said thoughtfully.

"You just want this over with so you can go back to that woman," Dais pointed
"Have you noticed that you never make a decision without hesitating to think
about what
she would say?"

"Have you ever noticed that you butt-in to people's lives because you don't
have one of
your own?" Anubis asked back.

Before Dais could answer, there was a commotion among the ranks of the
soldiers. All
four Warlords turned to find two soldiers emerging forward with something
between them. They could see a glimpse of reddish-brown hair and knew who it
Another pair of soldiers emerged and also carried another struggling thing
between them.
This time, the red hair was unmistakable. Anubis shook his head as he met
the soldiers.

"What are the two of you doing here?" The four soldiers stopped just in
front of him and
dropped their struggling bundles. Blue and blue-green eyes looked up at him.

"Hey Papa," both said at the same time.

"Don't 'Hey Papa' me. What are you two doing here? Does your mother know
where you
are?" Both shook their head.

"See what I mean?" Dais said loud enough so he could hear it.

"Dais," Anubis warned over his shoulder. He looked down at the boys and did
admit that
he thought a lot about how she would react. If he knew her at all, Mia would
not be too
happy about their boys hitching a ride to the Mortal World without her. And
on a
harassing mission, too.

"We just wanted to see the Mortal World," said Kiefer.

"Yeah," added Kieran. "Mama's been talking a lot about how someday she was
going to
come back here. We just want to see what was so special."

"How did you get here?" Anubis knelt down to their level.

"Right before you left..." Kiefer said.

"...We snuck behind a soldier," Kieran finished.

"Do you have any idea how mad Mama will be?" The both nodded.

"Anubis," Cale said right behind him, "we're not going north anyway. You can
go back
with the boys and we'll take care of the Ronins."

"Who are Ronins?" Kiefer asked Kieran. The other boy shrugged.

"They're our enemies," Cale answered. "They're really bad."


"So, are you leaving?" Cale asked Anubis as the man stood up.

"No," Anubis answered. "We'll take them with us."