Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty-Four

"You think we picked a good enough place to hide, Ryo?" Kento asked
They were in a town, or what was left of it. Only indiscreet structures were
left to mark
where civilization once stood.

"Look," Ryo started, "the way I figure it, they've already attacked this
place. There is a
very slim chance that they would make the trip up here just to run us out of

"But there is a chance nonetheless," Rowen said matter-of-factly.

"Why don't we stay for the night anyway?" Cye asked. "We've been walking
since dawn and I for one would like to get some rest if they do decide to
show up."

"Can't argue there," Kento replied. Both guys went off to a direction to
look for any
supplies. They didn't really expect much.

"So, where do we make camp?" Rowen said absently as he walked off with White
to another direction.

"I guess we look for food," Ryo said as he turned to Sage. The blond was
only half
listening to him. "Did you hear me Sage?"

"," Sage answered, distracted.

"What is wrong with you?" The blond shook his head and finally turned to Ryo.

"What do you mean?"

"If you're still thinking about Mia, give it a rest. It's been three years
since she died. All
of us have accepted that. Why wouldn't you?"

"Because somehow, I still feel her somewhere."

Before the argument could get any further, the little desolate town was
rocked by a blast.
Cye and Kento quickly came back with the few items they found. Rowen didn't.
all nodded to each other and put on their armors. Another blast rocked the
town and they
knew they needed to hurry. As they turned a corner, they ran into Rowen as a
blazing fire
went over their heads.

"About time you got here guys!!" Rowen shouted as he got up and readied
another arrow.
"Arrow Shock Wave!!"

"Glad to see you too, Rowen!" Ryo shouted back.

They all ran forward and started to take down soldiers left and right. All
of them noticed
that there was an unusually large number of soldiers attacking all at once
but no
Warlords. Though most of them would admit that facing the Warlords was the
last thing
they wanted, their no appearance was even more disturbing than them appearing.

"Hey Warlords!!" Kento shouted. "What? Too chicken to face us?!" He struck
one last
soldier and scanned his surroundings. "That couldn't be all, right? If that
was all, we
could beat all your butts now!"

"What brave words coming from a dead boy," a voice said somewhere above them.

"Think they actually have a clue as to who they're up against?" asked another

"If they did, they probably would have ran away already," answered another.

"Let's just show them what they're really missing," answered yet another.

"Would all of you mind not talking like we're not here?" Ryo asked. "We
would really
like to get going."

"Well men," said the first voice, "let's not disappoint the boy!" Anubis
materialized just
in front of them followed by the other three, forming a box around the five.

The Warlords didn't hesitate and quickly attacked the Ronins. Anubis
alternated between
beating up Ryo and Rowen. Cale took on Sage in a battle of light and dark.
Cye and
Sekhmet clashed amidst water and poison. Kento finally was coming to terms
with Dais'
illusions. Somewhere between the four fights, White Blaze lent a helping
Unknown to everybody, two little boys ran closer to the battle.

"Are you sure this is safe Kiefer?" Kieran asked.

"Of course it's safe," he answered back. "If you didn't want to come, why
didn't you

"And let you have all the fun? I don't think so." Both their eyes sparkled
at the sight of

It was obvious to them who was winning. Even though there were five Ronins,
Warlords were indeed stronger. Both were so involved in watching that they
didn't see a
stray shot heading their way until it was too late. The shot hit and they
were thrown

"Kief?" Kieran called out to his brother. He shook his head and looked
around. Kiefer
was just a few feet away from him. He ran over to him and shook his
shoulders. "Kiefer,
wake up."

The other boy opened his eyes and was about to pull away from his brother
when he
noticed somebody over them. It was the green Ronin. But the Ronin didn't
strike Kieran
down as the boy turned to look at him. The Ronin seemed frozen for a second
and that
was all they needed. They held up their hands and shot him. He fell back
and was
replaced by the red Ronin. The new Ronin didn't hesitate but stopped when
the white
tiger stood between him and the boys.

"White Blaze, what are you doing?! Get away from them!"