Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty-Five


He didn't hear them scream, just a dull pain in his chest, but that was
enough. He didn't give up half his soul for one of them to not know there
things. The pain immediately went away and that was a small relief. He
pushed Strata away and looked for familiar heads. As he turned, he was just
in time to see Halo being thrown away. His boys had their hands up and then
they were covered by Wildfire. The white tiger stood in front of his boys,
white teeth bared.

"Cale!" Anubis called out to the fallen Warlord. "The boys!"

The other man looked up and turned to find a Ronin hovering over the twins.
He also saw the tiger almost looking like it was protecting the boys.
Wildfire stopped and tried to tell his tiger to move which gave enough time
for both men to run for the kids.

Kieran looked past the tiger and the Ronin. He saw his father running
towards them along with Unky Cale so he nudged his brother. Kiefer looked
past them too and nodded in agreement. They didn't know why the tiger was
helping them but as long as the Ronin was distracted, they were going with

"White Blaze! Get out of the way!!" Ryo commanded again. He was about to
push the tiger away but got tackled instead.

"Sorry Ronin, but I can't let you do that," Cale told him. The Warlord got
up and Ryo could see Anubis holding both kids in his arms. Just then did he
notice how much those boys looked like the Warlord.

"Leave them!" Anubis told Cale and the other two Warlords that were still
fighting with their Ronins. "This fight is over!"

The Warlord of Cruelty vanished along with the other three. Ryo laid there
stunned at what he just saw. What was going on here?

"Ryo!" Rowen called out to him. He turned and saw Cye helping Sage up while
Kento and Rowen ran towards him. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. He just knocked me off my feet." Before Ryo could get up, White
Blaze went up to his face and licked it. "White Blaze..."

"What was that all about anyway?" Kento asked. "Did I just see Anubis leave
with two kids?"

"Apparently, and those were not regular kids," Sage answered as he got near.

"I bet they weren't," Ryo said. He looked at his tiger. "Why did you stop
me boy? You saw what they did to Sage."

The tiger only looked down and turned its head. Didn't they smell Mia all
over those


"Your children are a lot more powerful than I had first anticipated," Talpa
told Anubis. All the Warlords were in the throne room with both kids at the
front. "I saw what they did to Halo."

"They have not mastered their power yet, Master, but given time, they will be
formidable." Anubis placed a hand on each shoulder to stop the twins'

"I do not doubt that. Perhaps their training should start now."

"I will have to insist that I be there when it starts," a voice said from the
door. They all turned except for Anubis and the boys. They knew who that
was and all three of them were in enough trouble as it was.

"Of course my dear," Talpa answered her. "You are even permitted to train
yourself. I have seen you practice. Very impressive."

"Thank you my lord. I only want what is good for my children." She bowed low.

"Whoever else would want to train these children will have to go through the
Lady Mia," Talpa announced. "Although I was not planning on unleashing them
until much later, that was a pretty good demonstration. I look forward to
seeing the results of your training."

Again Mia bowed. Talpa dismissed them and she quickly left the room. Cale
stepped forward and picked up Kiefer as Anubis picked up Kieran. They walked
down the hall to their room and paused at the door.

"I think you can go now Cale," Anubis told him.

"I'm not going anywhere. She's going to have to get mad at me, too."

Anubis didn't answer and only opened the door. She was standing in the
middle of the room, her foot tapping. Both men paused and put down the kids
who quickly went behind them. Their mother seemed to be turning even redder
than she should be.

"Cale," Mia said in a controlled voice, "can you please take the boys to your

The Warlord didn't answer but acted upon the order. The twins were all too
happy to leave but looked from one parent to the other with worry in their
eyes. They have never actually seen their parents fight before. Verbal
fighting was what they've seen and that usually ended up with them kissing.
They have seen their mother practice with their father before and that was

"They're not going to kill each other, are they?" Kiefer tentatively asked.

"Of course not. Where did you get that idea?" Cale herded both of them
towards his room. I sure would hope not, he thought.