Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Twenty-Six


"What the hell were you thinking?" She was mad. Boy was she mad.

"Have I ever told you that you look beautiful when you're angry?"

"Don't change the subject." She turned from him and started to pace. "Why
were the
boys with you?"

"It wasn't like I made them come with me." He pulled out a chair and sat
there watching
her. "They came on their own."

"You could have brought them back. Do you have any idea what you were
putting me
through?" She avoided looked at him, sure that he would change the subject

"Mia..." he dragged out as he got up. "Of course I knew what was going on.
okay, aren't they?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. They both knew each other pretty well and she
knew that
he wouldn't do something to hurt the children. It was just the fact that he
was standing
there staring at her that bothered her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She took a step back. "I know how
you think,
libido first before anything else."

"And that's a bad thing? I don't hear you complaining." He walked up to her
and slowly
slipped his arms around her waist. "I was thinking about you when they
showed up."


"Yeah, I was thinking how you'd react." He started to kiss her face. "I had
to agree with

"About what?" Thought was fast escaping Mia. She wasn't even angry anymore.
Everything was forgotten the second he touched her.

"That I think about what you would say first before I make a decision." His
kisses made
their way down her neck.

"Then how come you didn't bring the kids back?" She lifted his head to look
him in the
eye, stopping him.

"Because I thought that they needed to see what their father did." He leaned
down as his
arms pulled her closer. She avoided him.

"They are barely three years old Anubis. What were you thinking?" She
pushed him
away. Anger was back when he made a hint about what they were doing. She
away from him, letting him suffer for what he's done.

"Oh, now you're punishing me for what they've done." He crossed his arms.
"I didn't
know they were there until the soldiers brought them out."

"Like I said before, you should have brought them back." She headed for the

"Where do you think you're going?" He stepped towards her.

"I'm taking a bath. You can't come since I'm still mad at you." She closed
the door and
locked it.

"You really think this door is going to stop me? I'm your husband!!" he
shouted to the

"Last time I checked, we weren't married!!" She shouted back. The water
started to run
and it drowned out what else he was going to say.

"What does she think I am? She must really be underestimating me." He shook
his head
and slowly opened the door. With hardly a though, he jumped into the shower
with her.

"Anubis!!" She tried to get out but his hands went around her and pulled her

"Would you relax?" His hands went up to her shoulders and started to massage
it. "All
this stress isn't good for you. You worry about those two a little too much."

"And why shouldn't I? I didn't know that you were going to let them stay."

"That's why you should have trusted me." He stopped massaging and wrapped
both arms
around her neck as he placed his head on her shoulder. "You trusted me
enough to take
you here and keep you safe. You can trust me with our own kids."

"Okay. Why don't I say this right now?" She wrapped her fingers around his
wrist and
squeezed, taking him by surprised. "Don't ever do that again. If they do
that again, you
have a choice of either taking them back personally or sending somebody back
to tell me
that you're with them. If you don't do either of these things, you're going
to be sleeping in
Cale's room from now on. Understand?"

"Yes dear," he answered and she finally let go. His hand had turned a little
blue with the
lack of blood-flow. "I didn't know that you had that kind of a grip." He
shook the hand.

"You'll find out even more things about me if you don't follow what I say.
It's just a
simple ultimatum Anubis. Take it or leave it." He slowly turned her around.

"Okay, now that we've set the rules, how about a little reward here? They
are unharmed
and you get to train them now." He backed her up against the wall.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Libido first before anything else." She smiled
up at him.