Memories and Promises
Chapter Twenty-Eight



"What are you talking about Rowen?" Cye asked as everybody turned to the

"The way I figure, those boys did look like Anubis. I don't think the
Dynasty could have kidnapped those two and just happen to have them look like him, right? There
had to be somebody that they used..."

"Are you saying that they kidnapped Mia that day three years ago so they can
procreate?!" Sage shouted. He got up and lunged at Rowen without even waiting for an

"Hey, watch it!!" Rowen jumped out of the way. The others held the usually
cool Halo as they stared up at him.

"Can you please explain Rowen before we let go?" Ryo pleaded as he struggled
with holding down Sage.

"Alright! I will!" He sat back down but as far away from Sage as possible.
After his reaction to what he implied, Rowen didn't know how he'll react when he gave
his full theory. "Mind you this is just a theory. I don't have any proof yet, just
circumstantial evidence." He paused to look around. "I think that what you said was true,
although I
would have put it differently. Something happened in the Netherworld that
them to start taking notice on Mia. I don't know what that might have been
but they went
through a whole lot of trouble to get her."

"Like making us think that she was dead?" Kento asked.

"Exactly! Now, I don't know about this procreation thing you mentioned Sage,
but I am
almost positive that the mother of those boys is Mia. And there's got to be
no doubt that
Anubis is the father."

"So what are you saying?" Cye asked.

"What I'm trying to say is that whatever made them to start noticing Mia, got
started on it, too. Or even he could be the one that got everybody started.

"Ro, you're babbling," Kento said.

"Listen! All I'm saying is that those kids have got to be theirs. And that
does imply that
Mia is alive."

"If what you're saying is true, that would explain why the Warlords are
getting sluggish,"
Ryo said.

"Haven't you guys thought that even if she was with them, she would have at
least tried to
contact us?!" Sage practically shouted at Rowen.

"That's my biggest concern." Rowen got up and walked just behind the fire.
"If she was
alive, why hasn't she tired to get to us? It may be that the Dynasty is
hanging the life of
those boys over her head. Or for another reason..."

"You're thinking that she went to the Netherworld willingly, didn't you?"
Sage narrowed
his eyes as they followed Rowen across the fire.

"And what if I am?" Rowen stopped and faced his four friends. "Wouldn't you
frightened to know that you are carrying the child of a Warlord? She
probably thought
that we wouldn't accept her or the kid when it came out. And by the way
we're acting
right now, I'd say she made the right decision to go."

"That is provided that she is alive," Cye added.

"Absolutely. Like I said before, this is just a theory. The only evidence I
have to back up
my claim would be those two boys and how they looked. For all we know, they
have just been a trick to keep us off balance. Everything seemed to just
fall into place
when I said it all out. That doesn't mean that it is true."

Silence fell on the little camp as they all thought of what was just said.
All their
conclusions led to her still being dead. Whether they were denying it or
just wanted the
subject to end, nobody knew. Kento yawned and broke the tense moment.

"I think we all have the same idea Kento," Ryo said as he walked over to his

"We've done too many things already," Kento said as he turned on his side.
"We need a

Everybody laughed as they all turned in for the night. One of them stared
out to space,
still thinking of what was said. Sage turned to one side then the other, not
finding a
comfortable stop at all. He finally got up and took a little walk. When he
got to the
place where he saw the boys, he stopped and knelt down. White Blaze came up
next to

"You believe his theory too, don't you?" Sage asked the tiger. It nodded as
a reply. "I
wish I didn't. But everything points to that, doesn't it? They might think
that it was just a
feeling that I felt around them but it isn't. Their eyes were innocent,
nothing like the
Warlords' who have lived in the Netherworld. They were her eyes. I don't
want to
believe what he said but it seems that I must. When they come back White
Blaze, you're
going to be the one to protect them because I might kill them."