Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Twenty-Nine


"But Mama," Kieran said. "Isn't that too high?"

"Come on Kieran," Kiefer taunted. "Why? Afraid you'd fall off?" The boy was
balancing himself on a balance beam, waiting for his brother to join him.

"I'll show you who's afraid!" Kieran shouted as he jumped on the beam,
clearly more
agile than his brother. The beam wobbled a little under his weight which
caused Kiefer
to almost fall.

"Now, now boys," Mia told them not far away. "This is just practice,

"Don't worry Mama," Kiefer told her, never taking his eyes off his brother.
"I'll take it
easy on him."

"If you can catch me," Kieran taunted.

They both crouched down to a fighting stance, watching each other for the
first move.
Kieran did a roundhouse kick aimed for his twin's head but the other boy saw
it in time.
Kiefer ducked and punched his brother, upsetting his balance. The other boy
recovered when he used his backward momentum to do a back flip, catching his
on the chin and kicking him back. Kiefer fell on the balance beam and caught
before he fell off.

"Nice kick," Kiefer said as he slowly got up again, rubbing his chin.

"Nice punch," Kieran said as he straightened up. They settled down again and
each other.

Mia watched the two of them going at it. She couldn't help but see Anubis in
both of
them. It didn't help that both boys were clad in the came identical subarmor
the Warlord
wore. They were both jumping around on the balance beam like they were on

"You've done rather well on their training," a voice said from behind her.

"Glad to know that you approve, Dais," she answered without turning to him.
"What are
you doing here?" Anubis didn't trust the Warlord of Illusion much and that
down to his family.

"Can't I just watch without being suspected of plotting something?"

"When it comes to my boys, whoever comes near them is suspicious to me." Her
crossed in front of her, waiting for him to answer back.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I'm just here to see how they're
doing." He silently
left her as her eyes narrowed at his back.

"Oof!!" She quickly turned to the boys and found Kiefer on the ground with
quickly scrambling off the beam to get to his brother.

"That was pretty stupid," Kieran said as he stood before his brother.

"Hey! I didn't know that you could do that!" He raised his hand for his
brother to take.
"Where did you learn that?"

"Saw Papa do it once." He grabbed the hand and pulled him up. "But Mama
didn't get

"That's why I'm the one doing the training," Mia said as he came up behind

"My butt hurts." Kiefer rubbed his backside.

"If you were paying attention, you wouldn't have fallen." Kieran crossed his

"Well I'm ready for another run at it. If you're up for it." The boy
smirked at his brother,
waiting to see if he would accept the challenge.

"You're really asking to get hurt, don't you?" Kieran watched Kiefer climb
the balance
beam again.

"If I can beat you on the ground, I can beat you up here." He steadied
himself and looked
down on him. "Don't tell me you're still scared?"

"Who are you calling scared?!" He quickly got up the beam again. "I beat
you once on
here, let's do it again."

"Okay, boys," Mia interrupted. Both of them turned to her. "This is just
practice. This is
going to make you two work better."

"But I thought that we did work together?" they answered in unison.

"You did. This is going to make sure that you two are always connected with

"By beating each other up?" They looked at each other.

"Something like that. Just be sure you don't hurt each other too much."
They nodded and
got ready to attack again.


"You, lady, are amazing," Dais said as he watched the exchange between them.
two are turning out better than you think. They're anticipating each other
already. My
plans for them and their father are coming to bloom."

He watched the two boys jump around on the balance beam again. The one with
red hair,
Kieran, looked like he was born to be on there. The other one wasn't too bad
but was a
lot slower. Dais left when Anubis showed up.