Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty


"Okay guys," Ryo announced. "We better start going."

"Can't we just sleep for a few more minutes?" Kento asked. He turned over to

"Unless you want to get caught Kento," Cye said as he got up.

"I don't know what you guys are so worried about. They won't be out here
again so
soon." Kento stretched.

"As much as I would love to agree with you, there is still a chance that they
will come
back," Rowen said. He started to walk off.

"Oh, fine!" Kento got up and followed them

Five of them trudged through the snow with White Blaze a few steps ahead.
Some of
them were thinking of where to go next. Some of them were still thinking of
what they
talked about last night.

"Ryo?" Sage asked when they were far enough back so none of the others could
"What do you think of those boys?"

"By the way they took you down, I'd say they're very dangerous. Why?"

"What do you think about what Rowen said?"

"It's a possibility but Mia is supposed to be dead. Why are you asking me

"Because I still stand by what I said. They reminded me of Mia."

"But you were the one that was so against what Rowen said. You didn't want
to believe
what he said yet you keep saying you feel her."

"I know I sound like a hypocrite but that is how I feel. White Blaze even
agrees with me.
Why do you think he stopped you from attacking those two?"

Ryo thought about that. He had been running that question through his head
ever since it
happened. White Blaze was a bit overprotective about those strange boys. He
usually understand his tiger but not that time.

"Okay Sage. I see your point. I'm going to have to find this out myself.
So you really
think that Mia is alive?"

"I don't know but I'm leaning towards it more and more."

"Sage, I have to tell you this." Ryo stopped and turned to him. "We all
know that you
cared for Mia when she was with us and you still do but what happened
shouldn't cloud your judgment."

"Well, it's not."

"But it sounds like it is. So what if it is her kids. The fact is, they're
still the enemy. If
she is alive, she'll try to get to us and tell as about them. If she is
still alive."

He started to walk off but Sage only looked after him. Halo's worried face
shook at the
denial he saw on his leader's face. He knew he acted like he didn't want to
believe that
Mia was alive but that's changed now. There was no doubt to him that Mia was
somewhere. He just didn't want to face the truth.

"Mia, why did you leave?" He looked up and asked no one in particular. "If
it was for
those boys, you know we would have understood. Was there another reason?"

No answer came to him. A chilling wind blew his blond hair as the others
called out to
him to hurry up. He sighed and ran after them. Snow started to fall and
they all trekked


Dais watched the Ronins' journey from a dark spot on the wall. He couldn't
exactly hear
what they were talking about since the magic only worked one way. The snow
began to
fall harder and they began to disappear. He had looked in on them last night
gathered from the way they acted that they discussed Anubis' precious twins.

"They are playing right into my hands," the Warlord said as he banished the
"Halo would be so glad to find that the woman is alive and well. Although, I
don't know
how he'll take her relationship with Anubis."

"Plotting again Dais?" Sekhmet asked as he materialized behind him.

"More than that. I'm playing puppet master. Care to join?" He turned to
the man and

"Nah. Since you're having fun on your own, I'll leave you at that. How does
the whole
thing go?"

"Quite well actually. The Ronins are getting suspicious even with just one
with those boys. He and his mistress are busy training the little brats to
mind anything
that I do. I'm just waiting for the little devils to be let loose so the
plan can go."

"You're just planning on ruining him, right?"

"No. I'm planning on taking over his whole life." He turned to leave.