Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty Three


Two identical boys looked down at the Ronin. Something moved behind them and
they turned to find Torrent stirring awake. They didn't seemed worried at all as
Hardrock stood up.

"What took you so long?" Kieran asked his brother.

"I was having too much fun with him," Kiefer said, gesturing to Kento. "How
about you?"

"Mine wouldn't fight back." They saw Hardrock go around them, his eyes never
leaving them as he made his way to Torrent. "He did change into armor when I did."

"This is stupid. I'm bored already." Kiefer looked around them as Kento got
to Cye.

"I know. Maybe we should just finish this already so we can go home."

"Fine with me."

Both of them looked at the two Ronins and readied their weapons. Neither one
of the Ronins noticed anything until power started to accumulate around them. Cye
quickly sat up and was rewarded by knocking his head with Kento and falling back down.

"Whoa there, buddy," Kento said. He felt the surge too and could only guess
what it was for. Cye tried to get up, slower this time.

"We've got to stop them," he whispered.

"You bet we do. But how exactly do we go about doing that?"

"How about facing us now?" one of the boys said. Kento slowly turned around
and found both of them ready to attack.

"Waitaminute!!" Kento shouted just before they could jump at them. "There is
something very wrong about this."

"You bet there is," answered the one with piercing blue-green eyes. "This
was suppose to be quick."

"Yeah!" added the red-headed one. "Mama's gonna know soon."

"I already know," a soft feminine voice said in their heads.

"Uh oh!" both boys said in unison.

"Who told you that is was okay to attack?" the voice asked, a little more mad.

"Unky Dais said..." Kiefer started.

"Dais?!" the voice practically shouted, making both kids cringe. "That's it.
You boys get back here, now!"

The two looked at the Ronins and reluctantly turned away. Both of them
banished their armors as a darkness came up behind them. They left two Ronins lying there,
totally confused.


One second they were ready to kill them, the next second they were talking to
themselves. Kento and Cye didn't hear anything when the boys suddenly
stopped, genuine fear on their faces. The one with Mia's hair color had mentioned
Dais' name.
What it was all about was anybody's guess. Both kids only gave them a final
glance before disappearing.

"What do you think that was all about?" Cye asked as he finally got to his

"Don't know. They were pretty spooked though. That boy wasn't even afraid
of me."

"Maybe they got told to pull back."

"When there were two Ronins ready to die in front of them? No. Something
else did that. Something else."

"Well, care to tell me your ideas?"

Just when Kento was about to answer the question, shouts not far away could
be heard.
As they got closer, they could hear Ryo, Sage, Rowen, and White Blaze. A
sigh of relief went through them when they found that it was friendly.

"What happened here?" Sage asked as four beings got to where they were.

"Well, me and Cye decided to make small bonfires all over the place so they
could burn down the whole forest," Kento answered sarcastically. "What does it look

"Kento, calm down," soothed Rowen. "What happened?"

"Remember those two boys two years ago?" Everybody nodded. "Well, they're
back and I think better than ever."

Sage stepped back. After two long years, why now?