Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty-Four


"Dais!!" Mia shouted as she barged in to the throne room. All four Warlords
around as she came up. She headed for said Warlord and decked him. Anubis
went over to her and stood behind her, looking over her shoulder down at Dais.

"Very nice right my dear. Very nice." He wrapped his arms around her neck
and kissed
the side of her head.

"Why you little...!" Dais started to say as he got ready to get up.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Mia angrily asked. "Who told you to
send my
children back there and defend themselves?!"

"They enjoyed themselves, didn't they?" Dais stood in front of her, wary of
Anubis' glare
behind hers.

"You sent my kids back there?" Anubis asked in a controlled voice.

"And he's going to pay for it." Mia tried to step forward but stopped when
Anubis' arms
didn't move. "What are you doing?"

"Do not worry about your children Mia," Talpa said from his seat. The three
of them
turned to their seated lord. "They have proven that they can hold their own
in a fight.
This also proves that you have done a great job on training them."

"Thank you Master Talpa but they are not ready," Mia insisted.

"How so?" Talpa asked.

"They are susceptible to trickery my lord. Their minds are young and are
confused. Without the proper commands, they will be controlled by anybody.
Ronins themselves would be able to get through to them if my children are not
trained. Today was a lucky day since the Ronins didn't expect them to be
there. Once
they start to talk to them, my children will question anybody's commands.
They are
smart enough to think that."

Before Talpa could answer, two forms materialized before him, just in front
of Mia and
Anubis. Both forms were kneeling down and was unmistakably the boys the
adults had
been talking about. Their heads were bowed and both were still in subarmor.

"Kiefer! Kieran!" Mia blurted out.

"Mama!!" They both turned to her, eyes bright and laughing. They started to
get up but
stopped when they turned back to Talpa as if to ask a question. He gave them
a nod then
they were at her side in a flash.

Mia saw their hesitation to come to her. His hold on them had already
started but she
still had time. Her boys are going to be back to her in no time. And Anubis
will help
with it.

"You and your family may leave Anubis," Talpa said, interrupting her
thoughts. "I am
sure that they have a lot to talk about."

All four bowed before him and left together, hand in hand. As they got
outside, the two
boys went on ahead, talking in excited tones about what they had done.
Anubis couldn't
help but be proud of those two. They had come a long way. He looked at Mia
and found
her concerned as always.

"Don't tell me you're not proud of them," Anubis said as he put an arm around

"I don't like where this is going," she answered as she wrapped an arm around
his waist.
"He has too much control over them. Didn't you see them stop before they
came to me?"

"I saw it, but that's understandable. He is the lord that we all serve
under. Did you really
think that he'd let those two treasures go?"

"But I don't want them out there without you. I sensed them fighting two
Ronins back
there. They didn't seem to want to stop fighting. Something was driving
them to that

"Of course there is," Anubis said with a laugh. "It's called my genes. You
might have
taught them to fight with honor but my soul drives one of them while my blood
drives the
other. They were born to fight."

"Under my orders," Mia said indignantly. "Next time, they will not follow
any orders or
attacking any things until I hear about it. Talpa might be able to tell them
to attack but I
tell them to be careful and not hurt anybody too much."

"You know, I don't know whether to support you or laugh at you." She elbowed
him for
that. "Oww!! Okay, I'll support you. But you do know that you are going to
go up
against Talpa, the Emperor of the Dynasty. That's not an easy task."

"Living here and raising two kids here has nothing on what Talpa might do."