Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty-Six



Did he hear her right? Did she just say that she loved him? Maybe she was
dreaming but
she had said his name. In the five plus years that they had known each
other, neither one
had said those three words. They both knew how they felt towards each other
and had
thought that actions spoke louder than words. And it was just unnerving that
would admit that they loved him after knowing everything he had done, like
she did.

"My tenshi, why did you say that?" he whispered down to her. "Do you have
any idea
what that does to me? This is not the right time to say that. But since you
have started, I
feel compelled to comply. Tenshi, I..."

A knock on the door interrupted him. Anubis let out a sigh of frustration
(or relief) as he
slowly lifted her arm away from his waist. He picked up his robe and put it
on, heading
for the door. There had better be a good explanation for this interruption,
he thought.

He opened the door and found Cale's turned back. By the slump of his
shoulders, he was
in deep thought which caught Anubis' attention. There wasn't much deep
thinking going
on in the castle. The only person that did that with regularity was fast
asleep and only
when her children were involved.

"This better be good," Anubis said with as less threat in his voice as he
could muster. He
stood there at the door, arms crossed in front of him.

"I think it is," Cale said. He went in without permission.

Anubis closed the door behind him and watched him cross the room. He saw him
at the bed and quickly turned his way.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything." Cale turned back to the bed and found
the form there

"No Cale, you didn't interrupt anything. Now, what did you come here for?
Somehow I
doubt that you just wanted to catch me on the act."

"It's about the boys." That caught Anubis' attention.

"What about them?" the Warlord defensively said.

"I think the Ronins are getting to them already."

"And what brought this on?" He walked closer to the other Warlord.

"They wanted to know why they had to fight them. Torrent wouldn't fight back
Kieran and it got him a little confused."

"What did you tell them?"

"I said that the Ronins are trying to stop their Sofu from going to the
Mortal World for a
visit like their Mama."

"Sofu? Grandfather? Who's their Grandfather?"

"From how they acted, I'd say Master Talpa."


"I take it you didn't know about that either. Good. I thought I was the
only one."

"They have never mentioned that to us. What is going on here? Who told them
to call
him Sofu?"

"Who's calling who Sofu?" Mia's sleepy voice said from the bed. Both men
turned and
found her yawning and pulling the blanket around her.

"Nothing, go back to sleep." That seemed to only fuel her curiosity even

"We are not doing that." She moved to get up but Anubis was next to her
already and
pushed her back.

"My dear, I will explain everything later but not right now."

"And why not?"

"Because it'll only upset you more then you'll go hunting again."


"No buts. Although I enjoyed seeing the shock in Dais' eyes, I don't want
you half naked
going down the halls looking for him."

"Then I'll put on clothes."

"No you will not!" Mia stopped as she heard the first command he had ever
told her.
"You will stay in here until I come back so I can tell you what I know." He
turned for the
door. "Come on Cale. The faster we get them, the faster we'll get back."

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be right back, then I'll explain everything," he said as both he and
Cale disappeared
behind the door.

Mia stared after them. She didn't know what to make of it. He had never
her to do anything before, even when they were enemies. Yet, there was
concern behind
it and she just knew that their children were involved in it.