Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty-Seven


"Hello boys," Dais said as he got near the twins.

"Sorry, but we're not suppose to talk to you," Kiefer said as they continued
to spar.

"Why not?"

"Mama doesn't like you sending us back there," Kieran answered. They both
stopped and
turned to look at the Warlord. One look at his face and both started to

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. We're not allowed to talk to you anymore." They walked away from
him, not
worried at all about the man.

"But didn't you guys like fighting out there?"

"It's okay."

"Wouldn't you want to do it again?"

"As long as Papa or Unky Cale's with us."

"But they are not always going to be there."

"Kiefer! Kieran!" Anubis' voice carried from the castle doors to them. All
three turned
and the boys went running for him.

"Remember boys, your Papa is not always going to be there!!" Dais shouted
after them.

"What is he talking about?" Anubis asked them as he lifted them.

"Nothing," Kiefer answered.

"You said not to listen to him," Kieran added.

"Good boys." He kissed each one's cheek and handed one of them to Cale.
"We're going
back in now and talk to Mama. She might be a little mad that you boys have
been calling
people names and not telling us, but I think she'll manage."


"Who exactly is your Sofu?"

"Uh oh." Both kids looked at each other.


"We're sorry Papa," Kieran started.

"Unky Dais told us to call Master Talpa, Sofu, but don't tell you," added

"It's okay kid," Cale said, ruffling his hair. "Happens to everybody."

"We're sorry." Each twin hugged and buried their head on the shoulder of who

"Come on," Anubis said. "We better get back before she starts looking for


She was pacing the room now. They hadn't been gone that long and she was a
wreck. She didn't even feel this nervous when Anubis went out to fight.
There was
nothing wrong with her family and she knew that she would feel it when there
danger. So what was bothering her?

The doors opened in their room and two little figures came in. She smiled
with relief and
they immediately came to her. They barreled her over and she sat down on the
Anubis and Cale came in momentarily.

"What happened?" she asked.

"We're sorry Mama," Kiefer pleaded, on the verge of tears.

"We didn't mean to lie to you," Kieran finished, also almost crying. They
hugged her

"Is this about the Grandfather we were talking about?" Mia asked, just a bit
All four nodded.

"Unky Dais told us to call Master Talpa that," Kieran said.

"We should have asked you if it was okay," Kiefer added.

She looked down at them. Their eyes were misty and they were both holding it
Her little angels were learning a lot on their own. Although she would be
the only one
calling them angels.

"Did he tell you why he wanted you to call the Emperor that?" Both boys
shook their
head no. "Then why would he do that?"

"I don't know why and frankly I don't care," Anubis said. "He's up to
something, I just
know it."

"Did he tell you boys anything else?" Mia sat back and looked at the twins.

"He asked us if we liked fighting back there," Kiefer answered.

"And you said?"

"It was okay but don't want to go back unless Papa or Unky Cale's there,"

"And what did he say?"

"That Papa and Unky Cale won't be there all the time for us," Kiefer answered.

Mia turned to Anubis and Cale with a worried look. What the hell is Dais
feeding her

"You boys promise me that you would never listen to him again. You
understand?" she

"Yes Mama."