Memories and Promises
By Royda

Chapter Thirty-Eight



"It's for their own good."

"No it's not."

"They have to see this some time and I don't want their first experience to
be tainted by
him. They are going to see how this is suppose to work."


"Look koibito, you have to understand. If I don't do this, they will be
confused. They
won't know who to believe."

"You are going to be there, right?"

"Of course I will be. They won't leave my sights. Know that I will take
care of them."


He had heard enough. Dais paced in his room. Not exactly how he planned it
definitely a step in the right direction. Their own father will unwittingly
do his job,
thinking he was doing them a favor.

"Go ahead and show them how it's suppose to work, oh leader," he said
"Change their fate for me." He watched Anubis with his miniature
look-a-likes leave for
the Mortal World. A smile creased his face.


Kiefer and Kieran sat on a tree limb, looking down on a clearing. They were
fascinated by the big white tiger that laid down next to the black-haired man
that they
had come to hate. He was the one that tried to hurt them two years ago.
Five men were
below them and they knew who they were. Their father, along with their
mother, told them everything about the five men.

"Should we attack them now?" Kiefer asked his brother. Their father was
somewhere and had told them to just observe. He was going to be back up.

"We're suppose to be observing not fighting," Kieran said. "Sit still.
You're wiggling the

"But I want to go down there already." Kiefer bounced on the limb.

"Sit still," Kieran harshly whispered. "Do you want them to find us?" He
grabbed his
shoulders to steady them both. The leaves rustled around them and the five
men below
heard it.

Everybody but the blond man looked around. He was looking up along with the
Both boys quickly pulled up their dangling feet and hid behind the foliage.
A strong
wind came through and the men discarded the sound. The blond and the tiger
to glance their way.

"Do you think he saw us?" Kiefer asked softly.

"He will if you don't stop moving," Kieran answered angrily.

"Whoa." He stared at his brother's angry face. Kieran rarely got angry and
when he did,
you stayed out of his way. "He didn't see us, now did he? Why are you so
angry all of a


The subject was dropped between them. Kiefer knew better than to provoke
when he was angry. Not that anybody would mess with either twin when they
were both
angry but that was besides the point. Something was up and it was bothering
which bothered Kiefer. He didn't like not knowing what was going to happen
and he
didn't like Kieran all quiet and brooding even less.

"What's wrong?" he asked, keeping his impatience under control.

"Quiet," was the response. He didn't even look at his brother and only
stared ahead.

"Look, if you're going to be like this when we look at them, I want to leave.
brooding and I'd rather have Papa do that than you."

"I said quiet," Kieran commanded through gritted teeth.

"What for?"

"Don't you hear something?" Finally Kieran faced his brother. For once
since their father
left them sitting there, Kiefer was actually quiet and listening.

At first he heard nothing and was about to tackle Kieran for telling him to
be quiet, but
stopped. There was a sound. It was underneath all the chatter of the five
men below
them but there was definitely a sound. A soft chiming could be heard from
and it was mildly irritating to Kiefer. When he could hear it better and it
got louder, he
did not like it at all.

"What is that noise?" He spat the question out with disgust.

"I don't know but I think it's coming from him," Kieran said, pointing
straight ahead of

A man dressed in a monk outfit sat on another limb directly in front of them.
His hat was
pulled low and the staff in his hands clanged with the infernal noise.

"Who is that?"