Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode One


The Ronin Warriors (Ryo, Rowen, Sage, Kento, and Cye) leave Mia’s house and
head off to the city of Tokyo where they will eat lunch since Mia forgot to
cook lunch. After waving goodbye, Mia goes back to her computer and on top
of her computer, there was a picture of her and her grandfather. (Mia
doesn’t go because she was assigned to do some research for the university
she was working at.) The Ronin Warriors go to the restaurant and talk about
what they have been doing since they went their own ways. Yuli rides on top
of White Blaze and goes to Mia’s house to ask where the guys were. Mia
responds that they will be back shortly. As she picks up a glass of water
on water on her desk, it shatters in her hand. She knows that this isn’t a
good sign from the romance literature she has been reading. Meanwhile back
at the restaurant, jet-black colored clouds rolls in and when the Ronin
Warriors look outside, they are worried that the Dynasty might be back
again. As they rush back into the restaurant, they are attacked by demons
who weren’t the same as the Dynasty soldiers.