Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Two


While cleaning up the mess that was made on the computer by the glass of
water, Mia gets frightened and pushes a bunch of keys on the keyboard when
Yuli notices black clouds from the distance. Mia then notices that there is
an file directory she hasn’t opened, but before she could open it, Yuli
yells at Mia to look at what is going on outside. Mia sees the jet-black
colored clouds and is worried that the Dynasty might be back. White Blaze
gets underneath Mia making her sit on his back, and Yuli gets on as they
rush toward to the city of Tokyo. The Ronin Warriors get attacked by the
enemies, but suddenly the sky rips open spilling down five colored beams
(red, blue, green, sky blue, and orange). The beams turn into orbs and the
Ronin Warriors transform back into their armor without their helmets, and
they begin to fight the demons around them. Kayura and the three Dark
Warlords are in an empty room in Talpa’s old hideout in the nether world,
and Kayura is trying to figure out the secrets of the Ancients. The Staff
of Ancients begins to make noise, and Kayura and the three Dark Warlords
begin to feel a strong presence. As they escape, they are attacked my
numerous amounts of demons are quickly separated.