Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Three


Mia, Yuli, and White Blaze are racing toward the city of Tokyo and they
notice that the lights are beginning to turn off as if the power plant
providing the power was turned off. Mia gets worried that she forgot to
turn off her computer and check the new file directory on the computer.
Yuli then tells Mia that saving the guys are more important than her
computer. The Ronin Warriors are still fighting in the city of Tokyo and
soon they are separated from one another even though Rowen and Sage told
them not to get separated. Stronger enemies begin to come and start to
capture the Ronin Warriors one by one. Mia, Yuli, and White Blaze see Ryo
taken away (and they are surprised that Ryo has his armor back), but as they
try to save him they are attacked by the enemies forcing them to retreat.
White Blaze goes to the roof and jumps from one building to another, but as
he is making a long jump, one of the demons throws a wakizaka (smaller
version of a katana) at them knocking Mia off. Mia falls unconscious as she
hits the ground and the weapon that made her fall off fall next to her while
White Blaze and Yuli landed on a different rooftop. As they try to go back
to save Mia, they are attacked and forced to retreat. Two demon soldiers
appear on the same rooftop that Mia was and holding weapons they rush after
ready to kill her.