Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Four


Mia quickly regains consciousness and grabs the wakizaka as the two demons
approach her. As she gets up from the ground, the demons jump backwards
thinking that she might attack, but Mia just stands there not knowing what
to do. Yuli tells White Blaze they need to rescue Mia. White Blaze takes a
turn into a dead end alley and as he is doing triangle jumps to the top of
the building, he is knocked downwards making both Yuli and White Blaze fall
down to the ground. Demon soldiers appear and White Blaze waits for them to
attack them. As the demons begin to attack, there is flash of light
engulfing the area. Mia waits for the demons to do anything, but she holds
the wakizaka as if she was going to attack. Suddenly from a distance, the
bright flash distracts the two demons and Mia makes a break for it to the
fire escape. When the two demons turn back to Mia, they notice that she was
gone and fires a flare into the air telling the other demons to be careful.
Mia runs into a subway tunnel wondering what to do and as she gets out of
one of the subway tunnels. A guy by the name of Rungo attacks her with his
“Shining Tremor Blast.”