Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Five


Rungo attacks Mia with his “Shining Tremor Blast” and sends Mia flying into
a building. As Rungo turns his back, a bright flash of light sends him
soaring into a building. Rungo gets up wondering who hit him, and he
notices Kayura who isn’t wearing the Armor of Ogre. Kayura vaporizes Rungo
away with her “Star Sword Scream”. Kayura shines another bright flash
distracting the enemies and once the light is gone, Kayura disappears. Mia
is unconscious and on the ground. As she begins to wake up, she sees Yuli
and White Blaze who were okay, but when she gets up, she notices that she is
wearing the Armor of Ogre. She sees Kayura and asks what is going on, but
Kayura doesn’t know what is going on. Mia then tells Kayura to remove the
Armor of Ogre, but she responds that she should wear it until she has
learned to fight the enemy. Kayura gives Yuli the Staff of the Ancients.
The Staff of the Ancients begins to make some noise again, and Kayura is
attacked from behind by a slime monster who begins to strangle her.